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Strain Review: Headband

© Stock Pot Images / Greg Peterson

Another popular hybrid produced by crossing two well known strains, Headband, got its name because many users report feeling pressure in their heads as if they’re wearing an invisible headband after consuming this strain. Headband is another strain that probably should be avoided by newbies, or at least consumed in small doses at first.


Being a cross of OG Kush indica and Sour Diesel sativa, Headband is sometimes called the love child of cannabis’ power couple. Just like her cousin Girl Scout Cookies, Headband is a cross of a hard-hitting indica and a highflying sativa. There is noticeable indica dominance in the medicating effect of the Headband strain compared to her cousin GSC, even though some dispensaries list Headband as sativa dominant.

Taste/ Aroma

When you crack open a jar or a bag of Headband, your nostrils will be hit with an earthy, piney, diesel scent and aroma with a hint of lemon juice or citrus candy. The smoke from the Headband strain is reported to taste creamy with a hint of diesel and lemon. Headband is a dank and pungent strain that you will be able to identify through the bag. You’re going to want to package this one thoroughly to avoid stinking up the place unintentionally.

Medicating Effect

The Headband strain has been often reported to make users feel couch locked and spaced out. Because of these medicating effects, it should likely not be used when you need mental focus or clarity, or need to make quick reactions or big decisions.

Most medical patients find that the mellowing body effects of Headband will help treat aches and pains. With its heavy hitting indica contents, Headband can sometimes be used to treat severe pain, depending on the patient. Headband is probably best when trying to help treat symptoms of nausea, eating disorders, migraines, muscle spasms, depression and anxiety. The love child of cannabis’ power couple is also perfect for stress relief, helping patients sleep and wind down after a long day.

Some patients and legal users report experiencing the “creeper” effect when medicating with this particular strain, so again, new users should start with smaller doses or pick a strain with lower THC content. Headband can contain up to 25% THC, depending on where you get the strain.

We want to hear what you think! How do you feel about Headband? Is it your favorite strain? If not, what is?