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Strain Review: Hurricane

A Tropical Whirlwind

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Hybrid strains are excellent when you are looking for a daytime strain with the perfect balance of pain-relieving and stress-reducing effects, and Hurricane is definitely a strain that you can count on to get you through the day. A sativa dominant hybrid from Colorado’s Reserva Privada, it is a combination of Panama Punch and LA Confidential – which combine for an excellent strain that can help with a multitude of conditions.

What You Should Expect

Hurricane is bred from some pretty well-known and potent strains, though it has a surprisingly average THC content, ranging between 12% and 18%. The strain is 70% sativa and 30% indica, offering an amazing array of benefits. The appearance takes after the sativa strain, as its bright green background really lets the amber hairs and red undertones pop. The buds follow the sativa-like longer shape, but are dense like you expect with most indica plants and it is blanketed in a thin layer of white crystals.

When you open the bag you will immediately be greeted with the aroma of a spicy herbal blend – with almost pine-like undertones. The taste of this strain does not disappoint and the smoke is relatively smooth. The effects of this strain start in the head, offering a very uplifting, creative and euphoric feeling that may help you to focus better – followed by a warm and gentle body buzz that relieves pain and inflammation in the joints.

Medical Benefits

This strain is the perfect daytime strain for those looking for relief from pain, depression and anxiety. Starting the day off with a wake and bake of Hurricane will leave you feeling stress-free, relaxed and relatively free from the symptoms of chronic pain – and it induces creativity. If you are suffering from behavioral disorders such as depression, chronic anxiety, ADD, ADHD or OCD then you may find that this strain offers an excellent balance for daytime relief.

If you’re considering growing this strain for personal or medical use then you may like to know that this is not necessarily a strain for beginners – however, if you have a little growing experience then it would be an excellent choice. You will get high yields from this strain in roughly 9-11 weeks; the sooner it is harvested the more sativa-like the effects tend to be and the longer you wait to pick the buds, the more of the indica effects you will likely notice.