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Strain Review: Jack Diesel

A Powerful Pairing

Flickr @ Steffen Geyer

Breeders have taken some of the most popular medical marijuana strains and put them together to make some of the best strains around. One such strain is Jack Diesel, which is a hybrid that came from the ever popular Jack Herer and NYC Diesel to create a sativa dominant strain with extremely potent effects.

What You Should Expect

Combining sativa and indica strains often brings a mixture of some of the best effects – and Jack Diesel is no exception. The strain takes after the indica heritage when it comes to the appearance with denser buds, which are generally a paler green with light orange hairs throughout. The aroma is something you will always notice with more potent strains – it seems the smellier the strain, the more potent it is. Jack Diesel has a mixture of both floral and fuel smells that make for an interesting, woody flavor with hints of sweet fruit in the aftertaste.

The effects of this strain are primarily sativa in nature and the onset is slightly delayed (perhaps 5-10 minutes), so this is definitely a strain where you should take it slow if you are an inexperienced user or have a lower tolerance. Once they set in, the effects of this strain will have you feeling relaxed initially, creating the feeling that it may be more like an indica, but a sudden energetic burst is likely to follow fueling creativity, happiness and likely the munchies.

Medical Benefits

If you’re using Jack Diesel as a medicine, you will find that it’s an excellent daytime strain if you need the heavier pain relieving effects of a strong indica without the couchlock that comes with it. The sativa nature of this strain will combat the tiredness, and instead leave you feeling prepared to get things done – with a clear mind and less pain. This strain is recommended for conditions like chronic pain, anxiety and depression, as well as cancer and eating disorders or a general loss of appetite.

When it comes to growing, this strain will grow well in almost any environment, but it seems to like soil better than hydroponics. You will not have to wait long for this strain, it will flower in most cases in under 10 weeks. At first, Jack Diesel will appear to be indica in nature by the way it grows (short and bushy), but in the final weeks before it is ready to be harvested, the branches will grow longer and the sativa dominance will shine through. Overall, this strain is an excellent choice for patients using medical marijuana and it should grow successfully for the modest grower.