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Strain Review: Jasmine

A Powerful Medication for Many Needs

Jasmine flowers

This strain is a pretty unique and pretty powerful indica dominant hybrid. Jasmine is a 70/30 indica/sativa blend that was bred from Trainwreck and Silver Haze, two well-known and potent strains on their own. Together they come together to create a beautiful plant that produces a very beneficial medication that is used and loved by patients everywhere.

What You Should Expect

When it comes to finding an indica strain that offers the fluffy sativa look, you won’t find many, but Jasmine is one of the best. This strain has looser buds, though they break out well like you would expect any indica to do. The flowers are sticky with a resin that will easily get all over your hands and your grinder, leaving behind plenty of keef for another occasion!

The leaves of this plant are generally a paler yellow green and very vibrant with orange and red hairs strewn throughout. When you light up or vape you will notice immediately a sweet and earthy taste that is a favorite of many – though this is a very powerful strain so new users beware – only a few hits will be needed unless you are a seasoned user.

This is definitely not one of the “smoothest” strains around, so be prepared to cough if you inhale even a little too much or a little too deep. However you will find that relief from this strain is practically instant (hits you within the first couple of tokes) and it will stay with you for at least an hour or two providing a wonderful full body relaxation.

Medical Benefits of Jasmine

If you are looking for a very strong medication then Jasmine is definitely one that should be on your list. It is most often suggested as a strain to use for chronic pain and inflammation – it works wonders at settling sore muscles and joints and leaving your feeling relaxed and loose. The indica lineage in Jasmine leads it to be one of the best medical strains around when it comes to pain management.

You will also find that this strain is great for nausea, stimulating appetite and even reducing anxiety. This strain can be used for a plethora of purposes, making it one of the best choices around for those who follow the “grow your own” method. While I was unable to find flowering times, I would say it is likely to be 9-12 weeks from seed to flower based on the lineage of this strain.


  1. Oh my! I have occasional insomnia and chronic Anxiety and this strain fits the bill ! The taste is wonderful, the euphoria and effects are almost immediate. Purchased yesterday and am in love with this bud! Try it, you’ll love it too !