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Strain Review: Lamb’s Bread


Lamb’s Bread (aka Jamaican Lamb’s Bread) is a sativa dominant strain with its origins in Jamaica. This strain clocks in at right around 19-25 percent THC and 0.03-0.2 percent CBD, making it a high-quality, versatile medicine that both connoisseurs and newbies enjoy. Even Bob Marley himself is rumored to have favored this Jamaican landrace strain.

There is another, obviously similar sativa strain from Jamaica by the name of Lamb’s Breath, which is an even more disturbing strain name. Different phenotypes of cannabis strains enable the uniqueness of strains and help provide consumers with variety.

Appearance/ Aroma/ Taste

The buds of the Lamb’s Bread strain are short, fat and fairly dense. The flowers are crystalized with short trichomes. The buds from this strain don’t have a ton of red hairs, but the ones that are present are very pronounced. The intact Lamb’s Bread flowers smell earthy with a hint of woodiness and a dash of sweet. When broken up or put through a grinder, the woody scents become stronger, with hint aromas of cracked pepper.

This strain has been reported to taste slightly harsh at first, followed by some sweet smoothness and a hint of pepper. Newer consumers would be well advised to use a vaporizer for this strain, as it could be harsh on the throat.

Medicating Effects

Patients and legal recreational users have reported that Lamb’s Bread is a strain that takes effect almost instantly. The effect seems to be one of heady euphoria, inspiring user creativity and conversation. While consumers of the Lamb’s Bread strain agree that it is initially energizing, the comedown may be a bit sleepy for users operating on little sleep or who have been out in the sun. While patients report that paranoia is kept to a minimum with this strain, many have indicated feelings of intense dry mouth or dry, red eyes. It’s important to always stay hydrated when consuming, but it is especially crucial with a strain like this one.

Because of its heady, euphoric sativa effects, Lamb’s Bread is useful for treating patients with anxiety and depression. It can also benefit patients with eating disorders and minor aches and pains. As previously mentioned, some users might feel tired after a few hours of consuming Lamb’s Bread, which could help with insomnia or other sleep issues.

Have you tried Lamb’s Bread? Is it your favorite strain? If not, what is? Let us know in the comments section and maybe we’ll do a review on it!