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Strain Review: Lucky Charms

A Magically Medicating Herb

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Lucky Charms is a pretty unique strain due to the fact that its breeder is known, but particular information about this hybrid – such as indica/sativa content and THC content – remains a mystery. What is known is that this strain is a cross between The White and Appalachia, bred by Bodhi Seeds.

As mentioned, there are no reported numbers on this strain, but the effects suggest that it has a moderately high THC content and likely has a good balance of sativa and indica properties – making it one of many excellent hybrid strains to help cope with multiple different ailments.

What You Should Expect

Lucky Charms is definitely vibrant, with a rich green shade and orange hairs and thick buds. It is also typically covered in a coating of crystals, which is clearly an attribute from its parentage of The White. The aroma of this strain is definitely strong, and it doesn’t go unnoticed with its fruity and piney scent. When it comes to taste, this strain offers a tangy fruit taste, with a pine or earthy aftertaste and a mellow, smooth smoke.

With regards to the effects of this strain, most reported a very euphoric feeling and even cases of the giggles (don’t we all love those moments?). It’s definitely more of an uplifting and active strain in small doses and has a tendency to boost creativity. There may be more than one phenotype of this strain, as some suggest it gave them couchlock – though it could all depend on dosage and the individual user.

Medical Benefits of Lucky Charms

Since Lucky Charms’ specifics are not known, it can be difficult to recommend a specific use for this strain, but based on the information about the effects and the reviews of many medicinal users, it appears that this is an excellent medication for people with depression and anxiety. It would also benefit anyone who needs to boost their appetite, as it is likely to induce the munchies and the effects take place quickly.

This strain may not do much for pain patients or insomnia patients without large doses – though if you like to toke more than once before bed, it could be a viable option for those with sleeping troubles.

If you’re planning to grow Lucky Charms on your own, it is best grown indoors (good news for most) and it is a medium height plant that flowers at about 9 weeks, on average.