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Strain Review: Mango Kush

A Rush of Fruit and Herb


The Mango Kush strain is an indica dominant hybrid a cross between two well-loved strains: Mango and Hindu Kush. Together these two bring to the table some powerful indica traits that make this strain a go-to for many medicinal purposes. If you are looking for a good hybrid plant with a perfect offering of effects then you will not be disappointed with this strain.

What You Should Expect

The buds from Mango Kush come pretty compact, though it almost looks fluffy before you go to grind it up. The colors differ occasionally between a very pale yellow green and a much darker forest green shade, both with orange hair strewn throughout the buds and a thin layer of white resin (more often on the paler buds).

The aroma of this flower is especially strong with lingering citrus and pine scents with earthy kush undertones – and the flavor lives up to the potent smell with a fruity and earthy taste with a piney taste on the exhale. This is definitely a little bit of a rough strain, so inexperienced smokers beware, take small hits or prepare to cough!

The effects last a decent amount of time between one and three hours depending on how often you normally medicate. You will find yourself enjoying a rush of indica effects like relaxation, perhaps a little bit of tiredness and a head buzz – but the time you finish your first bowl pack this indica has done its job leaving you in an uplifted and relaxed state that almost nothing can ruin!

Medical Benefits of Mango Kush

Due to the strong indica effects this strain has a number of different possibilities when it comes to medicating – though most often it is used for depression, anxiety and chronic stress disorders among other mental illnesses. It is also found to be very effective against joint and muscle pain and chronic migraines.

These plants are a perfect choice whether you are purchasing the bud from a store or growing your own. If you choose to grow your own you will be happy to know that this plant thrives both indoors and outdoors. It grows to be roughly 4-5 feet on average and they produce flowers 9-11 weeks from seed making it a relatively easy plant to keep up with and it provides an average or sometimes above average yield.

Due to the indica nature of this strain it can be beneficial to save this for your evening and night time smoking session – though experienced users may find that they are still able to function throughout their day, albeit with a “hazy and happy” atmosphere following them around.