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Strain Review: Master Kush

Image Courtesy of: Antonio

Smoking Master Kush is like having a Balinese massage. The stresses and strains of the day fade away and you become content and relaxed. The one hit I just had has left me chilled, but not locked in my comfy chair. I’m shooting off emails, writing multiple articles, listening to some liquid drum n bass chatting with buddies on WhatsApp whilst making dinner for five. I’ve got lot going on, but I’m seeming to handle it with a confident swagger.

The added mindfulness from Master Kush grants you the power to see through the multiple tasks you think you should be doing to focus on the one that you know needs done right now. You’re in control and you’re doing whatever needs to be done in a confident and respectful manner.

My wife returned home with the three kids. I had dinner on the table cooked to all the little guys tastes. We ate, we played, we danced, we drew, we did the bedtime routine then I shaved my head, trimmed my beard and proceeded to take some photos of some beautiful cannabis seedlings I have on the go. I ate a bit more, and then a little more, hmmm munchies. Before picking up this article again.

The music has changed to some nice Brazilian bossa nova and I have porridge on the stove for the kids’ breakfast tomorrow. My hit from a few hours ago has now worn off. I don’t have the sleepy crawl into bed feeling that I sometimes get with Indica strains, but just feel kind of “normal”. I think I’m ready for bowl number two. This could push me into a more comfy position than crouched over my laptop on the kitchen table.

Second bigger bowl is loaded, but before I ignite I’m gonna just finish another article I’m writing. I suspect I’m not going to be quite so active after this toke.

I paid more attention to the taste this time, which is very fresh and zingy. According to the description on Dutch Passions Masterkush seed page it has an earthy/citrus taste. After reading that, I’m digging the citrus lime flavours in my mouth, but yearning for any flavour that is close to hand, jeez I’m getting peckish…

Enough on the taste, it’s the effects that really matter. Dutch Passion says it has a potent high and after the second bowl I think I have to agree.

The music has shifted down a notch and I’m chilling with DF Tram.

This strain is the perfect antidote to a hectic life. It allows you a respite from the strain of having multiple things to do, but at the same time does not impede you from doing them.

Writing is still going well and I’m able to focus and freely gather my thoughts into text in a coherent manner. I’m seriously contemplating hitting the sack though and am happy to report no cotton mouth.

For daytime smoking it’s the kind of weed that makes you feel like you’re the boss. Later on, it’s gonna make you snuggle up with some hot milk on the sofa before retiring for the evening. I like it a lot, good night.