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Strain Review: Mother of Berries

A Blast of Berry


Crossed between the popular Blueberry and Jerry Berry, Mother of Berries is an indica dominant hybrid that will impress many, even some veteran consumers. With an average THC content of 19-21% it’s definitely nothing to shake a stick at and has an amazing flavor from start to finish, making this a popular strain for those who have been able to get their hands on it.

What You Should Expect

Mother of Berries is a potent indica dominant hybrid, 90% indica and 10% sativa, and the indica effects are clearly the ones you will most often experience. From the get-go you will know this is going to be a great strain as the strong blueberry aroma hits your nose – the neon green buds are compact, but not super dense, with random shades of purple leaves here and there and orange hairs throughout, topped with a sticky layer of white, almost fuzzy-looking crystals.

When it comes to effects you will start to notice the impact of Mother of Berries as soon as you start to smoke or vaporize it. You will get an immediate cerebral buzz that leaves you feeling calm, euphoric and creative – combined with good company or entertainment it could leave you with a giggle fit to boot. However, the strong indica effects can also leave you feeling tired, especially if you suffer from stress, anxiety or insomnia.

Medical Benefits

If you’re looking for a strain to help with pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety or insomnia, then this is definitely the strain for you. It can offer decent daytime relief to an experienced consumer, in small doses. If you need help getting to sleep, a few extra puffs will probably get you where you want to be without a problem. You will have a restful, pain and worry free sleep that will allow you to feel refreshed (as long as you have an adequate amount of time to sleep, best for before bed rather than an afternoon nap).

The euphoric and creative effects are excellent for those suffering from mental illnesses as it helps them to relax and look at things objectively, from a new perspective. It is definitely an uplifting strain that will have you thinking outside the box if you give your mind the time to wander. For the daily consumer this is likely a great middle to end of day strain, better to save a strain with more sativa attributes for a wake and bake session.