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Strain Review: Peaches and Cream

More than a Sweet Treat

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When it comes to hybrid strains, you never know for sure what you are going to get until the plant has matured – for this particular strain, there was a large chance of it going either way as it is a hybrid of four different plants in total.

The parent plants to this strain Chem Dawg, Super Silver Haze, Maui and Grape Kush and rather than taking on more properties of either the sativa or indica, this strain seems to have the best of both worlds.

What You Should Expect

As far as the look, you will find that these buds are rather colorful – with a pink or orange hue to the buds and amber colored hairs that stand out against the paler green shade. Some have come to expect that the more colorful the flower, the more potent the plant is and this strain does not disappoint on that front.

When smoked, this strain offers a fruity taste, which along with the soft orange hue of the bud inspired its name. The aroma is earthy and citrusy at the same time and it is sure to make a whole room smell great with only a couple of puffs.

As far as the buzz goes, this plant offers light moods, decreased anxiety and creativity to start. Users have found that this bud offered euphoric feelings that left them able to relax, making this a great strain to use at almost any time of day.

The head high leads to an open mind and creative bursts, making this the perfect strain for anyone working in the arts or a similar creative field who prefers to smoke throughout the day. It would be especially good for anyone who enjoys toking when they wake up, but do not wish to risk falling back to sleep!

Medical Benefits of Peaches and Cream

When it comes to medical benefits, Peaches and Cream has a lot to offer. Due to its ability to create a euphoric and leaves you anxiety free, it is great to be used by anyone who has trouble with social settings. It will allow you to feel comfortable and confident without the paranoia that comes with some strains.

This strain does exceptionally well at treating both nausea and pain quickly and effectively. Since it does not leave you with an overly tired feeling as some strains do, it is excellent for use during the day, which is a must for many medical marijuana patients.

You should know when using this strain for medical purposes that it is a high THC strain and if you have a lower tolerance then you will not need much at all. For connoisseurs and patients alike, this is a beautiful, tasty and very effective strain that many have come to love.