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Strain Review: Purple Haze

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Another old school favorite, Purple Haze’s origin story is a bit clouded. Hazy, you might even say. Many people think that Jimi Hendrix wrote his hit song Purple Haze after the cannabis strain. This is incorrect, as the song was actually about the psychedelic effects of LSD. The strain came after the song, as back in the 1960’s there were very few well-known cannabis strains. Grass was grass, pretty much. This much we know to be true for certain: Jimi was one of the greatest guitarist of all time and Purple Haze stands the test of time as a great old school strain that still shines in today’s cannabis market.


Purple Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid whose genetics come from the original Haze sativa and an unknown Purple. Many cannabis enthusiasts say the Purple is from Purple Thai, but this has never really been confirmed. At this point, does it matter?

Taste/ Aroma

The Purple Haze strain has deep green features with shades of purple throughout. The dried and cured buds smell sweet and earthy, with hints of that famous purple berry aroma. Legal users report flavors of grape candy, berry juice with aftertastes of earthy flavors. Many experienced patients and heady legal recreational users of Purple Haze seem to think that they can find a more robust and encompassing purple/ grape flavor and appearance than many prevalent inclinations and Purple staples, such as Granddaddy Purple and Purple Kush.

Medicating Effect

As with many Purple strains, users report feeling euphoric and giddy when ingesting Purple Haze. The heavy sativa influence will leave many users wanting to go for a walk or do something besides sit on the couch. With its Haze influence though, other users do report feeling couch locked and intensely giddy after ingesting perhaps a little too much of the strain, describing its effects at higher levels as almost psychedelic. For this reason, cannabis experts tend to not recommend ingesting the strain as your “day medicine” as much as other sativas. Purple Haze’s sativa dominance yet Haze lineage makes the strain perfect for treating acute pain and depression. Users looking to stimulate appetite or combat eating disorders might be best suited to search for a different strain. Most users report that Purple Haze causes less “munchies” than other more indica dominated Hazes.

We want to hear what you think! How do you feel about Purple Haze? Is it your favorite strain? If not, what is?