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Strain Review: Sapphire Star

Sweet and Skunky


Hybrid strains are some of the most common these days as we breed plants for their best attributes and for specific ailments – each is bred to have specific traits and Sapphire Star is an invigorating blend. The cross between Blue Hawaiian and God Bud was created by Jordan of the Islands and is most easily found in the state of Arizona. If you come across this strain or its seeds it has an exceptional home growing potential.

What You Should Expect

A sativa at its core, this strain mostly follows the Blue Hawaiian genetics as it grows tall – upwards of 6 feet indoors and 15 feet outdoors – creating long, finger-like buds with loose and colorful buds. The dark green background is scattered with hints of blue and has thick orange hairs running throughout it, with a thick blanket of white crystals that can give the bud an almost fuzzy appearance. The aroma is just as strong as the appearance would suggest, with an overall sweet smell with musky undertones – the flavor is quite similar, boasting a blueberry-like sweet flavor at the start and ending on a skunkier note.

The effects of this strain come on relatively quickly – only a few puffs will be needed to medicate most ailments. A cerebral clarity that allows for focus and hours of creativity flowing is a landmark trait of this stain, making it a great daytime choice for many users. The slight body buzz allows you to relax your body and feel at ease as you go about your day. For most, the buzz will last an hour or two at least, sometimes longer in less experienced consumers.

Medical Benefits

If you are looking for a strain that you can use to fight depression and anxiety, this is definitely one to look for. It creates an uplifting and relaxing feeling and the THC and CBD are a great balance that leaves most feeling medicated but not overly so – balance is truly an art and this strain has that in spades. When it comes to pain relief this strain can be useful for minor aches and pains as well as relieving some chronic pain – enough to help you focus and get through your day without the heavy indica stone.

For those looking to cultivate their own medical marijuana, Sapphire Star is a relatively quick growing plant – especially when you have the opportunity to grow outdoors. It can flower in as little as 7 weeks, though it has more of an 8-10 week average, with pretty high yields considering the buds are looser. If you are growing this strain indoors you will need to trim the plant or bend it in a way that it can grow to its full potential – but nothing will compare to natural sunlight with this particular strain.

If you have experience with this strain, consuming it or growing it, I would love to hear about your experiences!