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Strain Review: Shishkaberry

A Berry Powerful Indica


When it comes to strains that have been around for a while, sometimes the lineage is not as easy to determine as we would like. That is definitely the case with this 2001 Second Place Cannabis Cup Winner, as some has its parentage listed as DJ Shorts Blueberry and an unknown Afghani strain, and others have them listed as Blueberry and The Red. Either way, this indica dominant hybrid almost always packs a powerful punch, even to some of the most experienced users, which is how it earned its place as a Cannabis Cup winner.

What You Should Expect

In either case of this plants parentage, the indica plant would be the blueberry strain and all the best aspects of these strains are carried over into this hybrid. With 80% indica and 20% sativa genetics, this strain offers the most important qualities of both types. The buds on these plants are generally longer and shaped more like an oval or little green pine cones. Coloring is quite unique with this strain as it often comes in darker shades of olive green, with lighter, more fluorescent greens mixed in. You will almost always find amber or dark orange hairs throughout the buds and any well-grown plant will be thickly blanketed in white crystals.

The longer shape of the buds likely comes from the sativa genetics – however the indica dominance shines through again as they are relatively dense and will generally surprise you when you break them up. When it comes time for you to experience this strain the first thing you will note is the pungent berry aroma that simply cannot be ignored, likely another trait from the blueberry parent. The berry flavor carries over to the smoke or vapor surprisingly well, offering a sweet taste with slightly earthy undertones and little to no after taste. The effects of this strain are nearly immediate and they can last a couple hours, if you don’t fall into its sedating effects before then.

Medical Benefits of Shishkaberry

Picking a strain for medical use can be difficult because every strain acts just a little bit differently – and this strain is no exception. With the few variations in this strain you might occasionally find that one bag or batch or more potent than the last, but overall the highly indica effects of this strain make it a wonderful choice for medicating. It is most often used by people with chronic pain, insomnia, MS, Parkinson’s disease and HIV/AIDS. This strain gives you an almost immediately uplifting feeling with a heavy body buzz that follows, leaving you relaxed and ready for a good night of sleep – this strain is definitely recommended for afternoon/evening or night use.

If you’re planning to take things the grow your own route you will be happy to know that this strain could be an excellent, potent and easy to grow starter choice. The strain is able to flourish in pretty much any environment, providing similar yields indoors, outdoors and hydroponically. This strain generally flowers in 6-8 weeks at most and requires only the most basic of maintenance for it to grow well and it produces around average yields. Definitely a great choice for a beginner who wants to grow their own dank.