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Strain Review: Snowcap

Creating a Relaxing Winter Wonderland


This strain is a favorite among many and it has created quite the reputation, as have many others that have come out of the west coast. This hybrid was bred from a strain called Humbolt Snow and an unknown Haze strain. Since the genetics are a little bit of a mystery it is difficult to replicate this strain so if you find some you better snag it up while you have the chance!

What You Should Expect

While the genetics are a little hazy (hah) it is quite clear that this is a sativa dominant strain – easily noted by the fluffy, loose, light green buds. The buds are literally covered in small white crystals, which is likely how it was dubbed Snowcap. This plant produces a lot of sticky resin, so you will definitely want a nice grinder or a sharp pair of scissors to get this strain ground up right for smoking or vaping.

The aroma from this smell is extremely potent and it will fill a room before you ever light up – definitely a strain that needs an air tight container for storage. The taste is slightly lemony, with vanilla and earthy nutmeg tones accompanying for a brilliant flavor – however the flavor tends to diminish as you consume so expect those first couple of puffs to taste the best!

When it comes down to effects, this strain being a sativa is one to create an uplifted feeling and can help with creative flow. This is definitely a lighter strain that gives you more of a heady buzz than a full body heavy feeling.

Medical Benefits of Snowcaps

If you’ve been trying to find a great strain to start you day with then Snowcap might be exactly what you need. It has a tendency to get you up and going, feeling relaxed and ready to attack the day. This is a strain that works very well for people with depression and anxiety as it works to quickly bring you to a place of content relaxation. If you find that you’re often feeling overwhelmed then this strain will likely reduce the stress.

For anyone that medicates throughout the day but don’t want to feel too tired this strain would make a good addition to your usual rotation. However you will notice that the buzz might not last more than an hour or so and then you will need to medicate again – but for many this is not much of a problem since there is not much of a come down from this strain.