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Strain Review: Strawberry Ice

A Fruity and Frosty Strain


When it comes to a killer sativa strain, Strawberry Ice is definitely a good way to go. This strain is a sativa dominant hybrid with an unknown North American and possibly European origin. Anyone that tends to be an all-day user will find that this strain gives you a good mixtures of the sativa and indica benefits without the heavy and tired indica high.

Actually, this strain has gained some much needed recognition after being named the Best Sativa at the 2015 Oregon DOPE Cup.

What You Should Expect

The plants themselves bloom with colorful flowers that produce a strong, yet wonderful aroma that is just as potent in the buds it produces. It is what you would expect of a sativa with a taller plant and looser, fluffier buds. The buds tend to be covered in orange or red hairs as well as a frosted looking sticky coating.

When it comes to consumption this is definitely a strain that will be appreciated by veteran smokers. This sativa dominant strain is exactly what you would expect, mostly a head high that leaves you feeling creative, euphoric and energetic – basically if you have a long to-do list and you need the right strain to relieve your symptoms and keep you ready to go this makes an excellent choice.

The flavors of the plant are exactly as the name suggests – very fruity tasting and almost perfectly replicating the strawberry flavor with minty and earthy undertones.

Medical Benefits of Strawberry Ice

Sativa strains are most often used in patients who are suffering from depression and anxiety as it can leave them feeling energetic and euphoric – something people with these conditions are in need of for sure. People with trouble focusing or just lack the energy for their day may find relief with this strain as well.

You will also find that these strains are excellent for day time use, even if their pain relief abilities are a little less than that of an indica – you definitely will not be experiencing “couchlock” from this strain. It can always be used in conjunction with an indica at night to help maximize pain relief. This strain may also be able to help with loss of appetite and nausea as it is known to induce the munchies – one of the few indica traits that stands out in this strain.

Considering the plant has a very short flowering time of 9 weeks from seed to flower and a considerable yield, this is a good choice of strain to grow. Since it flowers so quickly for a sativa, it is one that both growers and home-growers alike tend to choose. It is also one of the easiest strains to grow – a highly recommended strain for a first-time grower.