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Strain Review: Super Sour Diesel

A Super Sativa for Almost Any Use

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Trying out a new strain can be a bit of a gamble sometimes and for some, that is not a risk they have the time to take. With Super Sour Diesel, you have the option to have something new that is a combination of two of the most popular sativa strains – Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel. Together, the two create an extremely potent, 100% sativa hybrid strain that works wonders.

What You Should Expect

As mentioned, this strain is a 100% sativa hybrid, and it demonstrates all of the best qualities of a classic sativa strain tenfold. The aroma of this strain is definitely a trait it gained from the Sour Diesel parentage, as it is reminiscent of fuel and is most recognizable by its chemical-like smell. If you’re living in a space with close neighbors, such as an apartment building or a townhome, then you may consider keeping this strain in an extremely airtight container.

Like most sativas, Super Sour Diesel is typically a moderately deep shade of green and the buds are looser and leafier. There tend to be dark orange hairs throughout the flower as well as a thick coating of crystals both inside and out, which is something the strain garnered from the Super Silver Haze parent. When it comes to taste you will notice a subtle chemical taste that mimics the scent, followed by little to no aftertaste or coughing.

Medical Benefits of Super Sour Diesel

The effects of this strain are extremely noticeable, and the onset is almost as soon as you start to consume it. The reported effects include decreased feelings of anxiety (unless you consume too much), and a relaxed mood and creative boost tend to follow. An increased appetite and energetic bursts are also potential effects, which makes this an excellent strain for daytime medicating.   

Actually, this strain is definitely one that is suggested for daytime users for conditions such as chronic pain and depression, as it allows them to medicate and feel more comfortable without the heavy, sleepy effects that are expected from an indica strain. However, Super Sour Diesel does have a reported THC content of around 18-24% on average, so inexperienced users can still find themselves couch-locked with this strain.

For those who prefer to grow their own, you will be interested to know that this strain flourishes when grown inside, but requires a bit more care than some others. It is recommended for an intermediate to experienced grower. Super Sour Diesel will usually flower in 9-11 weeks and produces a slightly above average yield, in most cases.


  1. This is the only strain that cured. COPD, sinus infection, asthma and chronic bronchitis” ! I’m dependent upon sour d until I die.
    P.s. strain’s with sour diesel as a combination have similar “effects” !!
    ” Peace up ” !! thanks !