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Strain Review: Three More Cannabis Strains for The Holidays

© Stock Pot Images / David Black

Christmas Cookies

What better way to medicate around the holidays than with Christmas Cookies? This is a reportedly very balanced hybrid strain. Christmas Cookies is a strain that was created by a breeder in Washington who crossed Cookies N Cream with Green Ribbon. The strain reportedly has around 15% THC. Christmas Cookies gets its name from the taste and smell, which is reminiscent of a nutty cookie with a bit of citrus. Patients suffering from headaches, chronic stress, and chronic pain report feeling relief from the medicating effects of Christmas Cookies. 

Kosher Kush

Not everyone celebrates Christmas during the holidays, and for many, Kosher Kush may be an excellent choice for use this season. Kosher Kush is considered an indica strain, and it has a THC level of approximately 22% to 25%. The effects of this strain are reportedly long-lasting and great for treating depression and chronic pain as many users say Kosher Kush produces a strong feeling of relaxation. Kosher Kush was a winner in both 2010 and 2011 for the High Times Cannabis Cup’s Best Indica. The aroma of this strain is particularly strong and has a distinct taste of earthiness and fruity flavors. 

Sugar Plum

Why not have visions of sugar plums dancing in your head during this year’s holiday season? Sugar Plum is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a THC level of around 25%. This strain was created by crossing Berkeley Blues and Hawaiian Haze Plum. Users report feeling the effects of Sugar Plum very quickly. The name for this strain comes from its tropical and fruity taste and fragrance. Sugar Plum is a great choice for those looking to treat appetite loss and nausea.