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Strain Review: Titan’s Haze

A Masterpiece Hybrid Strain

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The right hybrid is out there for everyone, but one in particular that is a favorite of many and comes from two lines of plants that can be traced back to the 70s and 80s is called Titan’s Haze. This sativa dominant strain offers some potent and extreme sativa effects that will get almost anyone through a long day without much to complain about.

What You Should Expect

When looking for a sativa dominant hybrid, not many come close to what Titan’s Haze has to offer in both experience and story (if you’re into that sort of thing). The strain is bred from the legendary Skunk #1, which can be traced back to the 1970s California and Original Haze, which comes from the 1980s and is also out of California and a direct descendant of the Haze Brothers strain. Together they created Titan’s Haze, which offers an intense cerebral high and an average THC content of 14% up to 25% in some cases.

The effects of this strain start off strong – you likely won’t need to use much at a time. You will notice a euphoric head buzz that seems to energize you and is known to spark creativity at the oddest of moments. The indica traits are seen mostly as the strain starts to fade, but it will not leave you severely fatigued like a heavy indica strain would.

The bright green buds are often cone shaped, with fuzzy red and orange hairs throughout and coated in an almost clear, fine layer of crystals. Accompanying the sharp look of this strain is an extremely pungent aroma that simply cannot be mistaken. It offers the same upfront scent as its skunky parent, while offering hints of the earthy haze aroma when broken open and consumed, and the flavor is definitely earthy with hints of a sweet aftertaste.

Medical Benefits

If you are looking for a sativa that will be able to calm the nerves, while providing an energizing experience that will keep you going throughout the day, then Titan’s Haze is probably a great medicine for you. It is often used to decrease pain from migraines, chronic pain and inflammation – all without the sedating effects of an indica strain (though you may want an indica strain for evening and nighttime use as Titan’s Haze may actually keep you up). Other conditions that find this strain particularly useful include ADD and ADHD, as well as mild to moderate cases of depression and anxiety.

For anyone considering growing this strain you should keep in mind that it was bred in a greenhouse originally, therefore you will get your best results when you grow this strain indoors or in a greenhouse under the proper care and attention. However, if grown during the right season in places nearer to the equator, you may still have pretty good results.


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