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Strain Review: Very Berry Haze

A Companion for Your Morning Coffee


When it comes to sativa strains, finding a really potent and pure sativa is always a blessing for those who medicate early in the morning. The burst of energy that is often accompanied with these strains is not lost on Very Berry Haze, a pure sativa hybrid strain bred from Strawberry Cough and Super Silver Haze from a breeder by the name of Apothecary Genetics.

What You Should Expect

Again, this is a very potent sativa strain with a THC content around 12 to 18 percent, on average, and a CBD content of around 1 percent, which provides a wonderful balance between being aware of everything and being able to relax and prepare for the day ahead of you. The buds are most often an olive green and are longer and fluffier. Before maturing, they start off as perfect little “popcorn balls” – and they are known for having very fine orange hairs throughout and a thick blanket of white crystals and sticky resin coating them.

When it comes to the aroma and taste of this strain, you will find that its name is very accurate – it offers a strong berry scent that can be smelled the second someone opens a bag or container. The taste is similar, but ends with an earthy aftertaste that many cannabis users have come to love. The effects will hit you almost immediately, providing a slight head rush followed by an extreme relaxation and giddiness. This is a perfect strain for any social setting as you will likely find yourself extremely talkative and quick to laughter.

Medical Benefits

For people who suffer from anxiety and depression, a potent and pure sativa can be the answer to many problems, making Very Berry Haze an excellent choice for people medicating for one of those conditions. It can also be useful for people needing a little extra focus – though this helps only if you keep your doses moderate. While this is not going to be the best strain for treating chronic pain, it can be used as an early daytime option for chronic pain if a little distraction is all you need to feel better for a few hours.

Anyone considering growing Very Berry Haze should be aware that this strain does it’s very best when grown outdoors. When grown outside, a couple of plants could provide you with more than a couple pounds worth of cannabis flower. However, grown indoors you can expect that this strain will provide between 1-8 ounces per plant, depending on the techniques used to grow it. The good news is this strain only takes around 10 weeks to flower, so if you’re looking for something to grow relatively quickly, this would be a great sativa option to consider.