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Strain Review: White Widow

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If there’s a household name in the world of marijuana, it could be argued that White Widow would be it. The history of White Widow has gotten murky with time but most agree that it was originally created from a cross of Brazilian Sativa and Indian Indica. Not only has it become one of the most popular and fabled of strains, it’s also been used to create other legendary strains such as White Russian, White Rhino and Blue Widow. If you’re in the market for a new addition to your garden, why not go a little old school?

How It Grows

Maybe it’s because of its popularity, but White Widow has mistakenly been labeled as a “beginner level” plant to grow. While a first time cultivator can successfully grow and harvest just about any strain, there are some strains that have traits that make them a less than ideal choice for a first grow. White Widow is a great example of one of those strains. Not only does it grow rapidly with a ton of side branching, which makes it great for SCROG and a mess for the inexperienced, it also reeks. Seriously, the odor that comes off these ladies is pungent and will consume your home. Your ventilation and odor filtration need to be dialed in and on point. Other than that though, these are a joy to grow. By week 6 or 7 the plant is totally covered in trichomes and yet still manages to frost over more and more in the last 2 weeks. The glistening buds are a deep, dark green with fiery orange hairs throughout and can only be described as beautiful. Photos do no justice, it’s something you must see firsthand.

How It Blows

White Widow’s popularity didn’t come solely from its appearance. This is a powerfully potent strain that should be approached with respect. All it takes is one hit too many and you’ve suddenly been hypnotized and placed into a trance. But if you can toe that line responsibly you’ll be gifted with a strong, but level, burst of energy. After about 2 hours things begin to calm and become more of relaxed body high than a head high. If it’s the end of the day you’ll likely be drifting off to sleep at this point. Also, it’s only fair for me to let you know that you should be prepared to cough. A lot. Yup. Even you, the one who swears his lungs are made of steel.

White Widow has earned its spot in the top ranks among the best strains in the world. If you decide to take a crack at growing White Widow I highly suggest you get a clone from her. It’s very likely that she’ll earn a permanent spot in your garden and you’ll want a mother plant. As always, I’m curious, what do you think about White Widow? Do you agree that it deserves to be on every coffeeshop menu? Does anyone think it’s overrated and just hyped up over the years?