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Strain Review: Zensation

Image: Flickr @ David Gach

Zensation is a fairly new indica dominant hybrid (75% indica/25% sativa) strain coming from the Ministry of Cannabis, which is located in Barcelona and Amsterdam.

The breeders at the Ministry of Cannabis have been secretive about Zensation’s genetics. The only information they offer up on the strain is that it comes from: “a selective inbreeding of an extremely potent indica and a stable white strain.”

While some cannabis connoisseurs are skeptical of unknown strain genetics, Zensation has had no problem becoming a popular newer strain in the industry due to its berry flavor and THC potency of up to 24 percent. Zensation belongs to a “new generation” of European cannabis strains with minimal known origins, yet still impressive enough to build a reputation of their own.

Appearance/ Aroma/ Taste

The intact Zensation buds are dense, frosty and dark green with thick, bright red hairs. The buds are covered in sugary trichomes. Don’t break Zensation flowers up with your hands; you will have a sticky situation similar to a Gorilla Glue strain. The earthy cherry scent comes out more when the buds are broken up. Some patients have quipped that Zensation smells like walking through a cherry grove.

Medical users have reported that the Zensation strain tastes much like the scent – pungent, fresh, earthy berries and cherries.

Medicating Effects

Users have reported that the effects of Zensation are long lasting and relaxing for both the mind and body. It is probably not a strain that should be used during the day because of its tendency to make users feel sleepy. Zensation is another strain that newbies should use with caution. Users have reported that this strain causes red eyes and dry mouth.

Due to its heavy indica influence, Zensation is a great strain to treat patients suffering from appetite loss, anxiety and chronic pain. Zensation can stimulate the appetite of patients with eating disorders. Because Zensation can cause drowsiness, it could be used to treat sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea, and night terrors.

For legal recreational users, Zensation is a perfect strain to relax and relieve stress after a long day. The strain has been reported by legal users to facilitate deep, uninterrupted, restorative sleep that lets you wake up the next day feeling positive and refreshed.

Have you tried Zensation? Is it your favorite strain? If not, what is? Let us know in the comments section and maybe we’ll do a review on it!