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Strain Review: Zkittlez

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Quite possibly the sweetest smelling and best-tasting strain on the cannabis market today, Zkittlez is an aptly-named indica dominant hybrid created by breeders 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz. Zkittlez is quickly becoming an industry champion when it comes to indica flowers – placing 1st out of all indica flowers at the Cannabis Cups in both San Francisco and Michigan in 2015. The lineage of the Zkittlez strain is Grape Ape and Grapefruit crossed with a secret recipe strain unknown to the cannabis community.

Appearance/ Taste/ Aroma

The flowers from a Zkittlez plant usually come in dense, light green, rounded buds that feature reddish orange hairs throughout. Plunging your nose into a bag or a jar of Zkittlez will result in a deliciously pleasant blend of sweet citrus, sugary tropical fruit and sweet candy reminiscent of a Starburst or Skittles candy factory. The strong Zkittlez scent is so sweet and fruity that it can even remain in the air after the flowers leave the room. The flavors of Zkittlez buds have been reported to taste like sweet tropical punch and jellied citrus candy. Zkittlez has been reported to produce a smooth, mouth-watering smoke or vapor with minimal throat irritation.

Medicating Effect

Even though Zkittlez is indica dominant, many users have reported experiencing a euphoric – yet active and uplifting – medicated effect from the strain that, unlike most indicas, can be consumed in the daytime. Of course, the indica dominance of the Zkittlez strain helps to also produce an effect that is relaxing, calming and stress relieving.

The exceptional taste, potency and versatility of the Zkittlez strain makes it a solid choice for treating a myriad of ailments – including epilepsy, minor and chronic pain, appetite stimulation, insomnia, depression and more. Users report that Zkittlez offers a unique, different effect from most of its indica competitors. Is this due to the pleasant mindset that most users inevitably experience from the scent and taste of the masterfully crafted Zkittlez strain? Possibly, but one thing remains certain – Zkittlez is a strain that should be put on the top of any cannabis enthusiast’s list, if for nothing else than its exceptional taste.

We want to hear what you think! Have you tasted the Zkittlez strain? Is it your favorite? If not, what is?