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‘Strawberry Cough’ Comedy MixTape is Perfect for Your Next Smoke Session

Image Courtesy of Tyler Richardson

If you’re a fan of Adam Sandler’s older albums, you’ll love what New York City comedian Tyler Richardson is doing with his new project called ‘Strawberry Cough’. The concept of this project is to create a comedy mixtape full of sketches – and yes, it’s definitely weed inspired.

“MJ enthusiasts get the wink with the title and I think my brand of humor lends itself to those in an altered state,” said Tyler in an interview with The Marijuana Times.

It’s a dozen tracks of funny sketches featuring an array of talented comedians. Here’s one example of one of Tyler’s sketches, with a creative twist – a cartoon depiction of the scenario. This sketch is about a futuristic House of Tomorrow, and it’s called the ‘High Life Zone’.

Strawberry Cough is the name of a type of cannabis plant, but besides the title, there really is no mention of getting high. “I think I like being ambiguous because some people associate something negative about a “stoner” project”, Tyler told The Marijuana Times, “My hope is that those people will hear it and like it for what it is. Then, later when they mention Strawberry Cough to someone, they’ll get “are you talking about the strain of bud?” And, then it can hit them that the mixtape is a name of marijuana.”

Tyler wants his mixtape to make the listener feel like they are in one of his smoking sessions. He said that there are times in the tracks that you can hear coughing, that implies that we are smoking.

Possession is decriminalized, smoking up remains illegal for everyone in the Empire State. The Compassionate Care Act only permits oils, liquids, and capsules. So, even patients are forbidden to smoke their medicine.

According to The Marijuana Policy Project, the medical program is flawed and New York has done little to ensure civil citations are issued instead of criminal penalties. Basically, there’s a lot of work to be done to get New York up to speed with the other progressive cannabis states.

“MJ is such a large part of New York City’s subculture,” explained Tyler, “it feels like having a leash on a dog in the mountains. This city is so progressive, and has it’s finger on the pulse of everything but we’re still behind in this space.”

Despite oppression for the plant, Tyler has extremely high hopes for ‘Strawberry Cough’.

“I want this to be bigger than just comedy though, I see an opportunity for comedy fans, mixtape/music fans, and MJ advocates to all having a vested interest in this project.”

Tyler wants to connect fans with the talented up-and-coming comedians who will be featured in the mixtape including: Amber Nelson (TruTv), Nick Turner (Comedy Central), Anthony DeVito (Comedy Central), Peggy O’ Leary (Just For Laughs), Sam Evans (Just For Laughs), Nathan Macintosh (Gotham Comedy Live), James L. Mattern (WWE Network), Mike Brown (MTV), Sharron Paul (CollegeHumor), Ross Parsons (MTV), Evan Williams, Sara Armour (Last Comic Standing), Lindsay Boling, Ayanna Dookie (FOX’s Laughs), Christi Chiello (Comedy Central), Petey DeAbreau, Tim Warner, Jose Sanchez and Ryan Schutt.  

You can follow Tyler Richardson on his Facebook fan page for updates on the album’s expected release date, August 22.