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Strain Review: Chocolate Chunk


Combining two strong indica strains, Hindu Kush from both Afghanistan and Pakistan, bred together by TH Seeds to create a unique and heavy indica strain that has a plethora of medicinal benefits. With all the desired effects of an indica strain, you can use this medicine to combat a number of different ailments, making it an excellent choice to keep around when you can get ahold of it.

What You Should Expect

Traditional of most indica strains you will notice right away that the buds are rather thick and compacted – they may look small but each will break up nicely in the end. The backdrop of the buds are more of a vibrant grass green with thick and stiff, curly orange hairs scattered throughout and coated with a white crystal blanket – practically bragging of this strain’s potency. The aroma is a musky and earthy one that has an almost chocolatey aftertaste when smoked or vaporized.

The effects of this strain are somewhat slow to onset – you will start to notice it after the first few puffs have already been consumed – but when it does hit you will definitely notice the shift. The buzz is an extremely heavy one, as with most indica strains with a high THC content – you will notice that once it sets in this buzz will quickly have you in couchlock, so make sure you don’t have anywhere important to be before consuming this strain.

Medical Benefits

When it comes to the medicinal benefits, most indica strains are very versatile – and Chocolate Chunk is no exception to this rule. The potent strain has higher levels of CBD as well (for this type of strain, that is) and that makes it especially great for inflammation, which makes this strain a good option for people suffering from joint or muscle pain, whether it be short term or chronic. The couchlock is actually beneficial to those who should be resting and it is also extremely helpful to those suffering from insomnia.

Not only is this a great medicine for those looking to treat physical ailments such as inflammation and pain, but it is also a perfect option for those who are suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, depression and other mental health disorders. The relaxing and calming effects come on almost as soon as the heavy, nearly sedating effects do and it leaves you feeling stress-free and without fears – but be careful not to over do it with this strain because excessive consumption can potentially make paranoia worse. However in the right dosage, this strain can work wonders on a number of conditions.