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Strawberry Cough – Strain Review

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Strawberry Cough is world-renowned sativa dominant hybrid strain that has won many awards. Most Strawberry Cough is about 80 sativa/ 20 indica. This variety of medical cannabis is widely known for its creamy, sweet flavor that resembles strawberries. Strawberry Cough smashes the mainstream stereotype that marijuana makes patients lazy. This medicine provides an energetic and uplifting medicated effect that makes you actively want to move, be social and get things done. If you’re a musician, artist or writer, get your instruments tuned up or your materials out, because you will probably feel like jamming or creating. Your best bet is to not consume Strawberry Cough if you’re trying to get some sleep.

According to legend, former High Times cultivation editor Kyle Kushman originally developed this marijuana strain about a decade ago, by happy accident. Kushman says the strawberry cough story goes like this… A friend of his had given him some seeds to what he thought to be a weak haze hybrid. He put them in a brown paper bag and didn’t pay much attention to them. A few days later he went to throw the seeds away, but to his amazement – his entire hand smelled like “a pint of strawberries”. Kushman then moved to California to quickly began mass-producing the strain and cloning it, legally of course. Thus, the best-selling Strawberry Cough was born.

Strawberry Cough combines the elusive Strawberry Fields strain with Haze genetics to create this potent, one-of-a-kind hybrid. Kushman says that the easiest way to determine if your plant is a true OG style Strawberry Cough is to rub the stem with your fingers, and they should smell like strawberries. Kushman says that over the years, the Strawberry Cough genetics have been a bit weakened and less vigorous. In an attempt to give the strain a bit of an upgrade, he has been developing a new Strawberry Cough that he hopes can live up to the name. He crossed the original strain with Cherry Lopez, calling the new strain Super Strawberry Cough. The strain is available in select California dispensaries.

Sativa dominant strains like this one tend to high levels of THC and lower levels of pain-relieving CBD (cannabidiol, a cannabinoid found in medicinal marijuana), making this strain great for treating depression, social anxiety, or even just relieving midday stress. Since there is less CBD, the pain relief patients feel when consuming this strain is believed to be more of a THC-like dissociative effect than actual CBD pain relief like some indica dominant strains.

Is Strawberry Cough your favorite strain? If not, what is? Let us know and maybe we’ll do a review on it!