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Tech Company Offers Solutions to Cash-Only Cannabis Using Bitcoin


We’ve reported previously on how Bitcoin was having a positive impact on the cannabis industry, as growers were registering their exclusive strains on the Bitcoin block chain with the idea that doing so could help protect the intellectual property rights of breeders and entrepreneurs. A Seattle Bitcoin merchant is now progressing the local cannabis forward from cash-only customer payments by using the digital currency.

POSaBIT is a financial technology company that creates an easy way for consumers to acquire Bitcoin at the point of sale. They can then use the digital currency to make purchases at that store through the POSaBIT system, or make purchases anywhere that accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment. POSaBIT is currently installed at six outlets in the Washington State capital, and more should follow suit.

“I saw an industry that was in dire need of a credit solution,” CEO and co-founder Ryan Hamlin, an ex-Microsoft executive, told local news resource Seattle Weekly. “I said, ‘Software has got to be able to solve this problem.’”

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, also known as a crypto currency, that can be shared anonymously and transactions used to be free of charge. Now, some Bitcoin exchanges are costing users up to $5 per transaction, which is a large uptick from what had been the norm for several years. There has been some recent controversy and debate on how Bitcoin should be handled, distributed, regulated and the like. Enthusiasts are referring to the controversy as the Bitcoin fork. While POSaBIT isn’t exactly coming onto the scene at a great time when it comes to the long-term stability of Bitcoin, at least for the time being this gives customers a much needed second option when purchasing cannabis merchandise.

The service monetizes its features by charging a $2 flat fee per transaction, with an upper purchase cap of $150. The company says this is designed “to limit any exposure to Bitcoin abuse.”

POSaBIT in Washington state is following in the footsteps of Oregon, which gained a sanctioned Bitcoin-based cannabis purchasing solution from First Bitcoin Capital last October.

Have you used POSaBIT or any of its equivalents? If so, were you satisfied with the services? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. @jasonsander check out this tokesplatform.org it’s a real cryptocurrency. If anyone knows anything about Bitcoin… there’s a lot of internal turmoil going on right now between miners and the users. Within the next month you’re going to see a huge dip in BTC prices. Bitfinex is having major issues and may hold all funds(meaning you cant withdraw).

    While I commend postabit on their software execution the real future is a digital asset developed specifically for cannabis. Another fact that people tend to forgo is that bitcoin fluctuates in price… one day its high, one day its low. This is EXTREMELY dangerous for an operator who is moving a substantial amount of transactions. While there are a lot of upsides… your $5000 day could go up to $6000, but it also could go down to $4000 and you lose. From what I’ve been reading Tokes platform has a asset pegging mechanism where a dollar today is a dollar tomorrow and it holds its value.

    • Great comment, Jay! Thanks for making it. I appreciate the possibilities Bitcoin presents, but I have always been skeptical of it. I’m a tangible asset kind of guy. Gold, silver, real estate, etc. I will definitely check out tokesplatform.