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The 2017 Ultimate Guide to 420 Denver

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The high holiday of 420 has finally arrived and thousands of tourists, activists and locals are expected to swarm the city of Denver to celebrate everything cannabis.

Nicknamed the Mile High City, Denver is home to hundreds of cannabis dispensaries – and it only takes a 21+ ID to buy and try what legal recreational cannabis is all about.

Safety first

Stay hydrated with water and electrolytes throughout the day. Here in the Mile High City, visitors forget the arid climate quickly leads to dehydration.

Pro Tip: If your stash is low on 4/20, check out LivWell dispensaries in Colorado for 420 deals and free water and goodies for customers waiting in line. LivWell has 14 dispensaries in Colorado and carries the exclusive LEAFS by Snoop line of cannabis products. I plan on trying his new 109mg Blueberries n’ Cream chocolate bar for his concert at Red Rocks with Wiz Khalifa on April 23.

Be wary of mixing substances like alcohol and cannabis. For a long successful day, experienced stoners say the trick is to stick with the plant and forego any beer or wine – no matter how locally it may be crafted.

Also, as they say in Colorado, start low and go slow with edibles. The tasty morsel could be your downfall, as it can take a half hour or more to start feeling any effects of the cannabis-infused treat.

Stay in groups

In 2016, I asked a police officer standing patrol at the 420 rally at the Denver Civic Center why some consumers were being arrested and others remained free to smoke joints on the park premises. It’s the stragglers that they target, he said bluntly.

So, STAY IN GROUPS and don’t wander off to smoke.

Remember, if you’re part of the peaceful rally you should be fine. People smoking alone or away from the rally become easy targets for law enforcement.

Top things to do in Denver for 420

1. 420 Rally with a free concert by 2Chainz

This is the OG of cannabis rallies. Due to the heavily trafficked area, I suggest walking down to the Civic Center in Downtown Denver. The park is nestled between the Denver City and County Building and the State Capitol. Go there for the opportunity to toke and stand up for cannabis reform.

If consuming isn’t your thing, there’s oodles of interesting people watching. Last year, there was a husband and wife decked out in a pot-themed suit and dress. There’s also the free 2Chainz concert starting at 4:20pm.

The Facebook invite adds that it’ll be a learning event for the industry, with samples, vendors, and live music. “Don’t forget to bring your favorite BUD along,” it reads.

2. Consumption Bus and Sky’s The Limit 4/20 Party hosted by Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique

Free to register, this cannabis shop is ringing in 420 with a party from noon to 6 o’clock. The invite says there will be giveaways, music, food and a consumption bus.

It’s a Denver must-see for any cannabis enthusiast. A consumption bus is like a mobile cannabis lounge! Come see what all the cannabis industry events park outside their events for a legal place to consume. There will be a consumption bus outside the shop with products from Evolab and Endocanna.

Expect some great cannabis swag from the other sponsors of the event, which include: The Diamond CabaretLucky Edibles LLC.Cannabis Maximus, LLCTasteBudzThe Growing Kitchen, and Wana Brands.

3. Visit at least 5 dispensaries and try something new

People tend to rest on routines. Spice up your life by trying a new dispensary! There are boutique shops like Lotus Medical and larger-scale growers like LivWell. Both have their advantages, so get out of your comfort zone and try a new dispensary.

Switch it up when it comes to your purchases, too! If you’re a gummy type of girl, try an infused Stillwater low dose tea. For those who prefer to smoke Blue Dream, try a Strawberry Kush.

4. Visit the 13th step of the State capitol (not while smoking)

Tourists from far and wide can step up to the 13th step of Colorado’s State Capitol. There’s a marker on it indicating the one mile mark above sea level.

Do not get lit on the Capitol steps.

While smoking in groups is largely undisturbed by police, do not tempt them. Last year, police were directing crowds to not smoke on the State Capitol side of Civic Center park.

5. Find The Green Solution’s mascot and take a photo with it

There a funny little nugget named ‘Kushtopher’ running around Denver. Make it a goal to find it and take a pic.

6. 420 on the block

Hosted by The Green Solution cannabis company, ‘420 on The Block’ tickets will get you access to a bunch of Denver’s venues that are hosting music and events all night long. Advance price is $42.


Snoop Dogg is closing out 420 week with a concert at Red Rocks amphitheater in Denver. Enough said.

8. 420 Concentrate Cup

Check out how the pros compete in Denver’s friendly concentrate competition! Judges will hand out awards for best flower and concentrates on 4/20.

Some of the categories include: Flower: Best Overall, Best Indica Dominant, Best Hybrid, Best Sativa Dominant, Best CBD / Concentrates: Best Overall, Best Indica, Best Sativa, Best Terps, Best Rosin, Best distillate with Terps, Best distillate without Terps, Best CBD. Check Facebook for more information.

9. World Cannabis Week weekend edition

Anyone lucky enough to be in Denver for the weekend after 4/20 can register for World Cannabis Week. Put on by Buddy Boy Brand cannabis company and My 420 Tours, expect a cannabis bazaar, free shuttles, grow tours and entertainment.  This event is on the 22nd and the 23rd at the My 420 Tours headquarters in Denver.

10. Before you go

Remember, once you step into line for TSA it’s best to finish up any edibles you plan on consuming prior to your flight. The TSA is a part of the federal government and doesn’t recognize state legal cannabis.

Try and finish your stash before departure – OR, an even better idea is to make friends with a local and gift your leftovers to them!