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The Best Cannabis Store In Canada Right Now?

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Canada has recently become one of the largest epicenters of cannabis culture in the world. When cannabis came into full recreational legalization on October 17th, 2018, dispensaries began popping up around the provinces. Though each province has its own rules regarding legal smoking age and where you can smoke, the comparative legal consistency to something like America’s situation makes Canada a tourist hot spot.

The Best Cannabis Store Experience Is Dank


The convenience, freedom, and high quality of Canadian dispensaries are perfectly encapsulated by the Dank Calgary Cannabis Store. They are a premier Canadian dispensary, providing incredible strains and quality products with no hassle. This article will chronicle some of the amazing selection and superior user experience you can expect from the Dank stores.

Intuitive Menus That Are Easy to Use


When ordering from Dank.ca, one of the first things customers notice is the incredible detail and accessibility offered in the descriptions. When you’re at a Dank cannabis dispensary, you won’t have to research weed types or make an educated guess based on strain names. Their educated staff will provide insight into weed strains, and their flavor profiles. Read labels with exact THC and CBD percentages. Learn about the effects of strains before using them by asking any one of the Dank store members. Users can make an informed choice easily to help them get the exact experience they want out of their cannabis. 

Some of the Most Exciting Strains on the Market

Dank.ca allows users to choose from some of the most exciting strains available currently. They host some of the most well-respected brands, including Back Forty, OGEN, RGB, Marley Natural, Tantalus Labs, and many more. Menus include filters that allow users to sort by popularity, brand, price, and even potency. 

Diverse Selection

Dank.ca has anything a cannabis enthusiast could want from a dispensary. Users can choose from a wide array of edibles, concentrates, flower, pre-rolled joints, topicals, vapes, seeds, and accessories. Their edibles include chocolates, capsules, drinks, hard candies, and chews. 

Users can also buy name-brand smoking tools for any situation. Everything from glassware and bong cleaners to grinders and dabbing tools is available at affordable prices. 

Choose Your Purchasing Experience


There are multiple ways you can purchase from Dank.ca. They have a self serve option in the store for those who prefer to not come into contact with people. For those who prefer interaction and want guidance, a helpful team of cannabis experts are stationed in the store and will help you find the perfect product for you. Don’t like waiting around in line? Users can also order online and pick up their products in the store. Dank.ca will text users when their orders are ready.  Users will receive a 5% discount for ordering online. 

Want more discounts? The customers of Dank cannabis stores can join a loyalty program to unlock incredible savings opportunities. Earn points with every visit that can be redeemed for fantastic deals like 20% off your entire order or 5% off all accessories. 

Where to Find Them? 

Find all of the Dank cannabis stores in Canada by checking out their locations page. You can also follow them here on Facebook or find them on Instagram.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to reflect the specific views of the publication.