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The DEA Approves Further Research on CBD – Doesn’t Change Cannabis Place on the Controlled Substances List

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Not long ago we heard the big news about the Epidiolex study – the CBD only medication had more than been successful during the clinical trials by GW Pharmaceuticals. The fact that there had been such a positive response seemed to mean there may be a cause for rescheduling cannabis that the government simply couldn’t ignore (after all, it was their study!).

It looked as though things might actually be moving in that sort of direction shortly after when Tom Angell from the Marijuana Majority received a letter that suggested rescheduling might be underway as petitions were being reviewed by the FDA and the DEA both.

Sadly, it was all a delusion – a smoke screen if you will. It kept us hopeful. It kept us thinking maybe the government would make the right decision. In the end, what we got was almost like a slap in the face.

The DEA decided to take a different direction – rather than scheduling down cannabis and recognizing that it may have some medicinal benefits they simply decided to ease the restrictions on those who have already been approved to test CBD.

While admitting that CBD likely has medicinal potential so great the government couldn’t ignore it is definitely a great start, it’s not quite what we were hoping for. After all, CBD is only one of dozens if not hundreds or thousands of cannabinoids that are present in marijuana plants – almost all of which are likely beneficial to us in some form or another.  

It is definitely a step in the right direction – but it doesn’t open up the possibility of testing THC or other cannabinoids for their potential uses in medicine. It doesn’t even recognize that the whole plant could have some benefit. Instead it only allows companies who are already testing CBD to continue to do so without jumping through further hoops to get approval.

In the end, it really only benefits those who have already been working on the clinical trials with CBD. This isn’t going to be about helping the people who live with epilepsy. It will not be about helping those who need it most – it’s a chance for the federal government to step in and mold the situation to come out as best in their favor as they can make it.

I could be wrong – but I find that unlikely, or they would have simply rescheduled the plant to make it more accessible for testing on all levels.