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The Denver INDO Expo Caters to Grows of All Sizes

Shoppers walk by the Super Lemon Haze cannabis plants from the Black Dog LED booth at the INDO Expo. Image Courtesy of Chloe Sommers

From picks to shovels, the INDO Expo is a showcase for the leaders in the cannabis cultivation space – and beyond. Last weekend, the INDO Expo came to the Mile High City for their fifth showcase.

“From picks and shovels to tech and extraction, we have what’s needed for cultivation,” said Chris Olson, Co-Executive Director of the INDO Expo.

Professionals lined the big, open space at the Denver Mart last weekend with rows of gear, and instructors to teach attendees how to use them. Thousands of people flocked to the expo for the help, and to explore the floor for the weekend-long event.

The first day was for business to business dealings, while Sunday was reserved for individual consumers.

Essential Extracts gives a live demo of how they make bubble hash with a process that begins using only water and ice (machine on the right) and a freeze dryer to pull the moisture out (pictured left). Image Courtesy of Chloe Sommers

A gardening show at heart, the expo also featured the extractors, Essential Extracts, with a live demo of how they make bubble hash with a process that begins using only water and ice.

It’s known as solventless extraction, and it doesn’t use the controversial CO2 and butane to take out the concentrated cannabis oil.

The demo used hemp instead of cannabis, to adhere to Colorado state regulations.

There were prizes, too. Nature’s Herbs and Wellness was on-site with a wheel of goodies ranging from a beer koozie to a rechargeable vape pen battery.

Nature’s Herbs and Wellness add swag to their prize wheel. Image Courtesy of Chloe Sommers

They were there celebrating seven years since they opened their medical cannabis center. Now recreational as well, they serve adults and patients in Denver, Garden City, and Log Lane Village, with award-winning customer service.

Both Olson and Stephanie Swimmer are the brains behind the booths.

They pride their gardening expo on knowledge and professionalism. “People aren’t here to buy bongs, our show is really for the home grower,” said Olson – from closet-size grows all the way up to the largest scale cultivating farms.

On Sunday, the INDO expo lined up industry experts to talk about cultivation and more. The seminars were included in the ticket price, as part of Swimmer and Olson’s mission to educate others about the cannabis plant in an inclusive, supportive, and open platform.

“That’s what sets us apart from other expos,” said Olson.