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The Rise of Cannabis Content


As someone who creates cannabis content just about every day, I know just how popular it has become. As someone reading this and who probably consumes cannabis content online daily, you are more than likely aware as well.

With the lessening of the stigma that surrounds marijuana and the vast increase of truthful information available about it, it’s no surprise that more people are diving into cannabis content all the time.

From the millions of views for cannabis content creators on Youtube and other social media outlets to the increase of cannabis-related scenes in movies over the years to the plethora of news channel documentaries, marijuana content is big business – and the “bigs” are taking notice.

According to a new report, more than 1 million households streamed cannabis content on the big streaming services this year, an almost 43% increase over last year. This has led to services like Amazon, Apple, Netflix and HBO pushing out even more marijuana-themed shows.

“The popularity of the cannabis genre is still concentrated between a few popular titles, but we expect this to grow in 2020 as streaming entities push for more differentiating titles to win over new subscribers,” said William Gorfein, founder and chief strategy officer at PeerLogix, the group that created the report.

And if all of that wasn’t enough content for you, it seems a new app will be launching in January called Social Club TV. It will be available on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Prime, Android TV and iOS and is based on The THC Channel seen on the Pluto TV app.

As cannabis consumers grow and come together and realize their power as a consumer base, they will learn how to better harness that and as a result, even more products and content will be created for them.

Another point that occurred to me about what else may be driving an increase in viewing cannabis-related content is the sheer amount of negativity and misery that is portrayed in the news and on social media. People who are tired of hearing about Trump or the constant litany of tragedies happening around the world might find a place to relax with a bowl and some content that is not earth-shattering or world-changing.

Maybe a show or documentary they can relate to and enjoy without having to use that activity to make some broader political point or get into an argument on Facebook about it with the aunt they hardly ever see is a nice change of pace.

Thank you for enjoying this cannabis content!