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The Source+ to Partner with Nevada’s Chamber of Cannabis to Shape Inclusive Industry

The Source+

The Source+, an award-winning cannabis company with four dispensaries in the Las Vegas Valley and Reno, has announced its partnership with the Chamber of Cannabis to help shape a more inclusive cannabis industry and community in Nevada.

“We are so very grateful to have the support from The Source+ to take our initiatives to the next level in 2022,” said Tina Ulman, president of the Chamber of Cannabis. “The Source+ serves as a great example of how cannabis companies can align with activists steering the industry to a more conscientious and diversified space. As a volunteer organization, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish our goals without the financial generosity and encouragement of companies like The Source+. We look forward to building a better cannabis space in Nevada alongside them.” 

The Source+ joins the Chamber of Cannabis at its “Game Changer” level, supporting the non-profit organization and the alignment on action items around cannabis reform and community-building. The Chamber of Cannabis focuses on strengthening commerce, improving justice and positively impacting the cannabis community to lead the state and nation in best practices by building relationships with political and judicial leaders; proposing legislation; fostering resources and connections amongst leaders in the industry; serving as a conduit to Nevada’s Cannabis Compliance Board; organizing community impact and professional development opportunities; and increasing owner and operator opportunities.

Nevada joins six other states that now allow cannabis lounges, with the first state-approved cannabis consumption lounges expected to open in 2022. Consumption lounges will provide a place for people to legally consume cannabis in a public social setting, an ongoing concern for the state since recreational sales began in 2017.  The Chamber of Cannabis led the campaign during the 2021 legislative session for AB341, Social Consumption Venues, which allows adults ages 21 and older to purchase and consume cannabis products on-site at any licensed cannabis consumption lounge. The bill will also allow the consumption of THC-infused food and drinks, creating significant opportunities for chefs and restaurateurs. 

AB341 is also the first bill to define social equity in Nevada and will award 25% of licenses to 20 independent applicants, 10 of which will be specifically for social equity applicants. The bill will also give preference to diversity applicants which include Black, brown, female, veteran and disabled applicants. Regulations are scheduled to be released by the end of January 2022. 

“As Nevada continues to set the standard for cannabis, we have a responsibility to make inclusion a priority in order to create a meaningful and successful environment,” said CEO of The Source+, Simon Nankervis. “We are honored to join the Chamber of Cannabis as a ‘Game Changer’ member and work towards a better industry that anyone feels welcomed into.”