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The Trichome Institute Teaches Professionals to Identify and Understand Cannabis Variety


As the legal cannabis industry continues to expand, so will the need for professionals and experts in the sector with various skills to offer customers and business owners. With their cannabis education certifications, the Trichome Institute aims to give their graduates a knowledge base that takes understanding and explaining cannabis variety to a whole new level.

Fine dining restaurants and wineries have long employed sommeliers, aka wine stewards, to specialize in tasting, flavor complexities and food pairing. These professionals are equipped with skills that go beyond your typical bartender or beverage server.

To the Trichome Institute, their approach to the art of the “cannabis sommelier” is quite similar. They call this process ‘interpening’, and it is the science of dissecting cannabis flower for total quality control, variety type designation and customer recommendations. Some of their certified graduate cannabis sommeliers claim they can give you an accurate estimate of the exact strain you have just by smelling it.

Trichome was founded in 2008 and is based in Colorado. For almost ten years, they have sought to remove the age-old stoner stigma by providing scientifically accurate information about cannabis. Their team has dedicated themselves to the reform of cannabis laws and the legitimization and advancement of the industry as a whole.

According to their website, the Institute’s products, courses, and curriculum feature the most current and accurate data in the cannabis industry. The materials they offer are carefully researched, medically supported, scientifically proven, and legally reviewed. All of their information has been said to come from industry experts, international science research, medical leaders in cannabis, and cannabis attorneys.

In addition to their interpening curriculum, the Institute also has other individual courses. The Cannabis Products and Sales Training for budtenders course is taught by Hemp Temps. In it, sales associates learn the skills of professionals with the duty to facilitate safety and legality in the cannabis industry.

The Responsible Vendor Trainings and Certification course, also taught by Hemp Temps, gives licensed cannabis businesses the designation of a staff trained and certified in Responsible Vending. Responsible Vending staff prevents and minimizes infractions and violations commonly issued by enforcement agencies. Course graduates receive a wallet certification card and a refresher workbook. Dispensaries with staff who have been certified are given framed certification and Responsible Vending window decals. The Institute also offers online classes.

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