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The Use of All-Natural Cannabis is More Mainstream Than Ever, and Autumn Brands Will Help You Figure out Where to Start

More American’s are looking to reduce stress and relieve anxiety with cannabis, discover if smoke, topical, or elixir is best for you

Autumn Brands

Cannabis use has increased significantly during the pandemic as the legalization of cannabis has spread across the nation, and it has also become more culturally acceptable. The legal marijuana industry in the U.S. alone will swell to $41.5 billion by 2025, growing 21% from 2019 and most American’s are behind the legalization. There is no longer just one kind of cannabis user, as consumers now span demographics. Cannabis is becoming the go-to for many, not only for recreational but also medicinal purposes, and consumers new to cannabis are looking for the best fit for them. 

“I am not surprised that people are turning to cannabis. Many people are finding the balance it brings to a healthy lifestyle when used responsibly and moderately,” says Autumn Brands co-founder Autumn Shelton. “Personally, it brings me a higher state of peace and tranquility.”

Cannabis is made up of more than 120 components, which are known as cannabinoids. The two most widely known cannabinoids are CBD and THC. CBD is non-psychoactive and will not get you “high,” whereas THC will. CBD is highly touted for its calming effects as well as helping to provide relief for a range of health issues, including anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain, among others. Cannabis products may contain just CBD, THC, or a combination of both.

Consumers are also looking to replace over-the-counter medication with the natural anti-inflammatory relief of cannabis. Many enjoy cannabis in a social, relaxed setting without alcohol’s adverse effects: dehydration, calories, and hangovers. The added plus is that the body reaps the positive effects, like reduced inflammation and better sleep. 

What’s best for a beginning cannabis user?

Here is a look at Smoking vs. Topical vs. Elixir:


  • Inhalation provides a quick way for your body to absorb CBD, and the effects are felt almost immediately. The cannabis enters directly into your lungs and is absorbed readily into your bloodstream.
  • Because of the rapid absorption, you feel the effects of cannabis for a shorter duration than an elixir. 
  • Inhalation provides better bioavailability through the lungs than through the gut, meaning the amount of cannabis getting into your bloodstream is generally higher than other forms of cannabis.
  • Smoking cannabis is also a more social experience than taking a tincture as you can enjoy the process with friends. 
  • Cannabis is smoked with or without THC. Autumn Brands Pre-rolls come in a variety of strains and strengths. They are pure and potent quality controlled, USA estate-grown strains of cannabis. 


  • Topical cannabis is the perfect way to target muscle and joint relief, general body relaxation, and improved sleep, and as easy as a lotion to apply. 
  • Cannabis topicals are for people looking for a “non-head high” while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. They provide localized pain and inflammatory relief. Some topicals do contain THC, but most topicals won’t give a psychoactive effect.
  • The combination of cannabinoids, all-transdermal magnesium, and arnica, found in Autumn Brands Nourishing Muscle and Joint Salve, calms the body and works in sync to soothe, repair, and relax. 


  • An elixir is a cannabis extract that has been diluted in a liquid form. They are usually sold in dropper bottles. When looking for an entry point for recreational and medical consumers, this smokeless consumption method is a great way to ease into cannabis use.
  • Elixirs can be added to food or drinks, but effects are felt faster by placing a few drops under the tongue. They are favored for being discreet and easy to consume.
  • The mouth’s mucous membranes absorb the cannabis. It bypasses the liver and the digestive system. The cannabis is metabolized by enzymes, making it quickly to the bloodstream.
  • There are many cannabinoid choices, with THC or without. Autumn Brands offers two potency options with the Warrior and Thrive Elixirs. The Warrior Elixir allows for a longer-lasting effect with the combination of THC and THCa coupled with a higher level of CBD for a 1:2 ratio of CBD to THC. The Thrive Elixir also includes THC, just in low amounts.
  • They are convenient as well, small bottles that can easily fit in a purse or carry-on.
  • The biggest plus for beginning cannabis users is the ability to have exact dosing with an elixir. 

Autumn Brands has many options for the beginning cannabis user looking for all-natural cannabis relaxation. Products include a complete selection of premium flower and pre-rolls and the Nourishing Muscle and Joint Salve, which pairs anti-inflammatory cannabinoids with transdermal magnesium and soothing arnica. Autumn Brands Warrior Elixir and Thrive Elixir are both from pesticide-free cannabis flower grown on the family farm are an easy and discreet way to help tame tension and naturally enhance overall wellness. Visit the company’s website at AutumnBrands.com to locate the nearest participating dispensaries and delivery services. Follow @AutumnBrands on Instagram for the latest product releases and updates.