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The Vapen Clear is the First Ever Cannabis Inhaler

Image Credit: vapenclear.com

Not too long ago, if you wanted to ingest cannabis, you were going to either smoke it or eat it using some traditional method. Now, we’ve got vaporizers, tinctures, wax, and so on. Innovative marijuana companies are constantly coming up with new and interesting ways to medicate with the plant. One of the most interesting ways to ingest cannabis that I’ve ever seen has got to be the new “Vapen Clear” inhaler from the Arizona company Vapen. Up until now, Vapen has mostly sold tech products used for the delivery of cannabis. The Vapen Clear appears to be the first of its kind and is unlike anything we’ve seen.

The Vapen Clear looks and acts exactly like an inhaler that someone would use to treat symptoms of asthma. Instead of the user inhaling albuterol, the Vapen Clear delivers pure THC. Each new Vapen Clear product comes with the inhaler and a 1000mg canister of THC. According to Vapen’s website, each puff gives the user 10mg, which means there are 100 puffs per cartridge. The Vapen Clear does not heat the THC at all; it uses a propellant that delivers the THC directly into the user’s lungs.

While ingesting THC without having to combust cannabis at all definitely seems to have its positive health benefits on the surface, the aerosol-based propellant might not have been fully scrutinized under peer-reviewed scientific studies. If the Vapen Clear acts just like an inhaler for asthma patients, then it should be fine for use. However, just like with so many other things when it comes to cannabis, this needs to be studied to be sure.

As previously mentioned, Vapen Clear looks exactly like any other inhaler – so when people see a Vapen Clear being used, the assumption would likely be that the user is simply using an asthma inhaler. And since there is no combustion of the oil when using the Vapen Clear, there would likely be very little smell. Vapen claims that there is no smell at all. These factors make the use of the Vapen Clear device very discreet and could likely even be used in public, if you’re into that sort of thing. Since the Vapen Clear is the size of a normal inhaler, it’s small enough to fit in any bag or pocket.

Vapen offers 3 different models for the Vapen Clear inhaler that are based on strains – daytime, nighttime and afternoon. The daytime inhaler has THC from energetic sativa strains, the nighttime inhaler contains THC from mellow indica strains, and the afternoon inhaler is a hybrid of the two.

Vapen Clear inhalers are only sold at certain centers in Arizona as of right now. Vapen’s website says that they will soon sell their inhaler products in California, Nevada, Colorado, Washington and Oregon.