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The World’s Top Growers Are Ready to Share Their Secrets with You


The Growers Quest by Green Flower from Green Flower Media on Vimeo.

Cannabis cultivation has been made legal for medicinal and adult use in more than a dozen states in the U.S. This means millions of people are now allowed to grow marijuana for their personal use in the comfort of their own home. But knowledge about the actual growing and harvesting of cannabis is not something most people have, especially after decades of that very act being illegal. Where can they turn to find out the best and safest way to grow cannabis for their own use?

If you want to learn from the best, our friends at Green Flower Media are offering a new 5-part video series for free, featuring some of the best cannabis cultivators in the world. Learn the best techniques from people like 13-time cannabis cup winner Kyle Kushman, strain expert Kevin Jodrey from Wonderland Nursery, Steve DeAngelo from Harborside Health Center and Casey O’Neil from Happy Day Farms. They – and other experts – will take you through the process and teach you everything you need to know about cultivating and harvesting your plants and keeping them safe from the many pests and contaminants that can affect your grow, all without using harmful pesticides.

Nothing like this has ever before been produced and offered to the public. This knowledge is coming from the hearts and souls of trusted experts who have many years of experience. Regardless of whether you’re a veteran cultivator or you’re just starting out, sign up for this free video series today to learn the art and craft of cannabis cultivation from the best on earth.

With recent studies showing high levels of pesticides in legally grown marijuana from California and beyond, it is more important than ever that growers learn how to cultivate cannabis in a safer way. And if you are growing for yourself at home, it’s important that you do it right so you don’t waste money and you don’t introduce anything into your body that could be harmful. This is especially true for those who use cannabis for medicinal purposes and might have compromised immune systems.

If you’re ready to grow high quality cannabis, learn how the best growers in the world do it and sign up for this new 5-part video series from Green Flower Media, for free. They are opening up their knowledge for you to use, so take advantage of this rare opportunity!