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Three Fruity Cannabis Strains to Enjoy During Summer 2023


Summer often evokes thoughts and images of fruit. Sweet, ripe pineapple, juicy watermelon, and succulent cherries are just a few fruits that many associate with summer months. Typically, these particular fruits – and a few others – taste their best during the summer when they are in season. While cannabis strains aren’t thought of as seasonal, fruity cannabis strains complement summer so effortlessly that it makes sense to try a few this year. Three popular fruity cannabis strains you can start with are Lemon Cherry Gelato, Trop Cherry, and Watermelon.

Lemon Cherry Gelato

Lemon Cherry Gelato is a potent hybrid strain perfect for summer. The strain was made by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. The THC levels in Lemon Cherry Gelato are typically between 24-25%, making it a good choice for the more experienced cannabis consumer looking to try something new. The flavor is as fresh and fruity as one might expect with a name like “Lemon Cherry Gelato.” It smells like a blend of lemon and berries with a sweet citrus flavor that includes undertones of sour cherries and pine. Most users report feeling a strong and tingly body high that leads to a relaxed sense of calm and happiness. 

Trop Cherry

Trop Cherry, also known as “Cherry Trop” or “Tropicana Cherry”, is a sativa dominant hybrid from Relentless Genetics. It was created through a cross between Cherry Cookies and Tropicana Cookies. The result is a delicious strain perfect for the very same months when its namesake fruit is in season. THC content in Trop Cherry is around 19%, making it a versatile strain for users of all experience levels. Consumers who have tried Trop Cherry report feeling a functional daytime high that leaves them feeling relaxed, refreshed, and creative. The aroma is a heavy blend of sweet and sour citrus with a flavor that is a blend of lemony citrus and ripe cherries with undertones of earthy tea and a hint of nuttiness. 


Watermelon, sometimes called “Watermelon OG” or “Watermelon Kush”, is an indica strain with unknown genetics. The THC content is in the average range, typically around 20%. Even though it is called “Watermelon”, the taste of watermelon isn’t very pronounced. The flavor profile is a mix of sweet and tart berries and grapes with little tropical fruit. The fragrance is similar to the taste with some hints of skunkiness. The effects of Watermelon are felt slowly and spread through the body creating a relaxing and sedative effect that is perfect for cool summer evenings.