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Three Marijuana Strains That May Aid Weight Loss


The start of the new year represents new beginnings and a fresh start for many. No matter what the prior year may have been like, the brand-new calendar year is a clean slate. Often, many celebrate by creating a New Year’s resolution for what they hope to achieve in the coming year, and one of the most popular goals is weight loss. While people often associate cannabis with the munchies and eating, some strains anecdotally seem to help individuals reach their weight loss goals. Three strains you can experiment with to see if they help you shed some unwanted pounds are Skunk, Dutch Treat, and Willie Nelson. 


Skunk, also known as Skunk #1, is a sativa dominant hybrid strain. It was created by Sacred Seed Co. through a cross between Acapulco Gold, Afghani, and Colombian Gold varieties. The original Skunk #1 has been highly influential in the world of cannabis strains as it has parented countless Skunk hybrids. The THC levels in Skunk range between 16-20%, and it is a strong cultivar known for giving users a boost of energy and creativity while still relaxing the body and calming the mind. The aroma is a mix of pungent sour skunk with undertones of warm earth. The flavor is similar with hints of spice. 

Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat – sometimes referred to as Dutch Crunch – is a hybrid strain that is thought to be made by crossing Haze with Northern Lights. The THC content is typically between 15-30%, with the average being closer to 19-23%. It provides users with a balanced high with both mind and body effects, leaving users feeling both relaxed and euphoric. Some consumers who have tried Dutch Treat also say they feel uplifted and creative. The flavor is a smooth blend of pine with a hint of sweetness and spice. The aroma is a mix of eucalyptus, sweet fruit, herbs, and pine.  

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is a potent sativa that was created specifically for the famed country music singer of the same name. It was bred by Reeferman through a cross between Highland Nepalese and Vietnamese Black. The THC levels in Willie Nelson are between 16-21%, and users enjoy the clear and uplifting high that boosts their moods and leaves them feeling energized. Many consumers find Willie Nelson to be a great cultivar for daytime use. The flavor and aroma are a sweet and tangy blend that is reminiscent of lemongrass, with hints of spicy pepper and tobacco flavors. 

Disclaimer: This article is intended for general information and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice.