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Three of the Best Marijuana Strains for Battling Inflammation


In simple terms, “inflammation” is the way the body’s immune system responds to an irritant. Immune system irritants can be anything from bacteria to a foreign substance or object, like a splinter. Many chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases cause persistent and prolonged inflammation in the body, causing a myriad of health issues and an overall decrease in quality of life. More and more people suffering from inflammation are turning to medical marijuana for relief from their inflammation as researchers and medical professionals examine the impact of cannabis on inflammatory illnesses. Anecdotally, many patients battling inflammation report a decrease in their symptoms when they consume cannabis strains that contain both THC and CBD. Here are three strains that are reportedly good at helping to reduce inflammation in the body: Super Chronic, CBD OG, and American Beauty. 

Super Chronic 

Super Chronic is a popular indica that many patients with inflammatory issues turn to for relief. It has THC levels around 18% with CBD levels around 3%, making it a balanced and calming strain. Super Chronic is a cross between Critical Kush and Chronic. The flavor is smooth and a little sweet, with undertones of earthy pine. The aroma is strong and deeply earthy with hints of mint. Users report feeling a calm, sedating feeling in the body with a sense of euphoria and focus. 


CBD OG is a hybrid cannabis strain that is rich in CBD with low levels of THC to balance the strain. Many users who suffer from inflammation report feeling better after consuming CBD OG. It contains 5-7% THC and 10-12% CBD. The strain was created by crossing Lion’s Tabernacle and SFV OG IBL. It has won several awards, including placing first for Best CBD Flower in the 2015 NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup. CBD OG has a very earthy aroma with a flavor to match. Its flavor profile contains hints of spice, mint, sage, and citrus as well. Because it is a predominantly CBD strain, the psychoactive effects are not as prevalent. Users report feeling relaxed and happy, and the impact on the body is exceptionally helpful for anyone suffering from inflammation or migraines. 

American Beauty

American Beauty is an indica-dominant hybrid created by the breeders at Dr. Underground based on the genetics of the famous Plushberry strain from TGA Subcool. The THC levels are between 15-25% and users who have tried American Beauty report feeling a cerebral high that leaves them feeling social and often with a case of the giggles. After an hour or so, the body effects set in, giving users a sense of deep relaxation that can also cause drowsiness and lead to a bit of couchlock. One of the most notable characteristics of American Beauty is its fruity, citrus aroma with a tropical flavor on the exhale to match. Many individuals who suffer from inflammatory conditions, such as lupus, turn to American Beauty for relief.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for general information and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice.