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Top 10 Edibles on the Cannabis Market

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Edibles are probably the most popular way to ingest marijuana next to smoking it; so it’s no wonder that with the world of legal marijuana, there are more options than ever for edibles. The idea behind edible marijuana has changed significantly since the days of “special brownies” made for road trips and concerts.

Rather than having regular bud, finely ground up and tossed in, most cannabis treats these days are infused with THC or CBD concentrates. Depending on what you are using marijuana for, you may have a use for only one or both of these chemicals and edibles are probably the best way to get long lasting effects.

Marillow took it upon themselves to figure out which of the tasty, THC filled treats is the most popular these days – so here it is: Top 10 Edibles on the Cannabis Market.

Peanut Butter M&M Cookie

After all, who can resist the combination of peanut butter and chocolate? Not me, that’s for sure – these really do sound amazing. They are a powerful treat, with 50mg of THC per cookie. The good news is they have a long shelf life, so even if you buy a dozen you will have time to eat them before they go bad!

Blueberry Bliss Bar

A white chocolate crisp candy bar, with real blueberries, what’s not to like? This delicious looking treat comes with a whopping 100mg of hash oil, so it is very potent. Be sure you take your time eating this, it is sure to be strong.

Space Brownies

A traditional favorite, marijuana brownies have been the go-to edible for a long time now. Sweet and rich chocolate with the perfect measure of THC to give you just the high you are looking for.

Peanut Butter Buddha

This is a chocolate and pretzel mix that is absolutely to die for. Sweet and salty have never gone together so good before. Infused with 200mg of THC hash oil, you will want to take your time enjoying this delectable treat.

Mint Dreams

A soft chocolate sandwich cookie with mint flavored cream, this cookie definitely beats out the Oreo. The mint flavored cream is the part of the cookie infused with 50mg of THC in each and every cookie.

Watermelon Tarts

A sweet and sour candy style treat – similar to the candy you would find in a 711, but much more beneficial. It is recommended that you eat only 2-3 candies at a time, though they come in a bag of 10 (perfect for sharing?).

Mountain Man Blueberry Pie

This particular treat was a High Times award winner and that should say enough right there! It is made of simple ingredients to give you the perfect flavor of homemade blueberry pie. You will probably only need on piece at a time, and not a very big piece either!

Mountain Man Peanut Butter Cups

Compared to Reeces peanut butter cups, these are a new kind of delicious. If you have never had a gourmet peanut butter cup, then you are in for a treat. These are made of only the highest quality of chocolate and peanut butter with THC infused for a perfect treat.

Honey Nut Bar

A treat for anyone looking for a healthier alternative to cannabis edibles. This treat is similar to a Nature’s Valley granola bar type treat, only it is infused with THC to deliver all the healing benefits of marijuana with each bar.

Strawberry Couch Crunch

Almost the exact same thing as the Blueberry Bliss Bar, only this time strawberry is the fruity and delicious culprit. This candy bar has the same 100mg of hash oil, so it is important that you eat it a little at a time for the best results.