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Top 10 Gas Mask Bongs For Sale in 2021

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There are a ton of different gas mask bongs available for sale online and we put the top 10 best together. Check out the many different types of gas mask pipes being sold by many different sellers. From various shapes and designs, the bong market is one that is never facing a shortage of unique designs. Most of these bong masks will fit because of the stretchable silicon material. You’ve probably seen one of these mask bongs at your local smoke shop or maybe a review on youtube.

Gas mask bongs have largely been known for their novelty and some appear to only be for display by bong collectors. Many products come with cool designs that lead some to believe that they are decorative pieces, such as taking masks that are known by many from movies or other parts of pop culture. There’s no shortage of them in smoke shops, though many have never used them before or mistake them for fun decorations. Regardless, these new mask bongs have been accepted by the cannabis community, mostly among younger adults.

The Best Gas Mask Bongs 

This list of the best gas mask bongs for sale is written by a fellow stoner who spent a lot of time exploring the best options on the web, and providing insight with hands-on experience. Although these products are actually fun to use and create a unique smoking experience. Their design is quite simple, and does not go beyond providing a smooth smoking session. It’s essentially a bong with a silicone type of gas mask attached to it. In what is probably the product’s most appealing feature, these gas mask bongs create a seal that allows for what many would refer to as a “mini hotbox”. The product’s design keeps smoke inside of the mask, creating a cool effect for anyone who wants to create a hotbox without smoking up an entire room. 

Mask bongs are quite similar to using a regular bong. By filling the bong with water and attaching it to the correct part of the mask, then slipping the product over the head and using the mouthpiece, each rip afterwards will create a hotbox effect. If that proves to be a little too much, which many first-timers admit that it is overwhelming at the beginning, you can easily slip the mask off or easily remove the bong piece first and then remove the headpiece. Many veteran users of this product recommend taking it slow the first time around as the smoke can be a bit overwhelming for the first time. 

Made From Acrylic And Silicone 

None of these Gas mask bongs are made out of glass, and instead from acrylic that will not break as easily. They are the perfect addition for anyone looking to spice up their smoke session. Whether giving it a try by yourself or trying it out with friends, this product will definitely leave people with something to talk about. The detachable parts make for easy cleaning and even easier storage. Here are 10 of our recommended products for those looking to try out this product for the first time or for those who are looking for a new gas mask bong to add to their collection. 

10. Monster Straight Tube Gas Mask


This gas mask is the perfect to start off for anyone new to this type of product. With detachable parts and a metal screw-on bowl, this product makes for easy cleaning. For those who may be more comfortable using a larger mask, this product is perfect to ensure a comfortable experience. What makes this option one of the best is the release valve for the smoke conveniently attached to the side of the mask. There is also a strap that can tighten to your head for a nice snug fit. This mask bong cost $35.99 and is available from multiple sellers online, including amazon.


  • Cannabis smoke release valve.
  • Affordable price at $35.99.
  • Strap to tighten around the head.

9. SimpleGlassPipe Gas Mask Bong Pipe


The multicolor gas mask bong glows in the dark for some cool smoking sessions. This mask comes with an acrylic water pipe that attaches to it, and is currently for sale at $35.95. Take a big hit and easily exhale through the mouthpiece attached to the mask. Just like most of the other mask bongs on this list, there are straps to tighten it on your face.


  • Glow in the dark gas mask with straps
  • Easy to release marijuana smoke from the mask with the valve to the side of it.
  • Cost $35.95

8. Darth Vader Gas Mask Bong


Star wars fans are going to rejoice for this epic gas mask bong. Become Darth vader and experience the force of cannabis smoke directly to the face. There are other versions available but this is by far the best Darth Vader mask we found for sale online. Made out of high quality materials like silicone and plastic for easy cleaning, this Star Wars mask will be sure to be the main showpiece of any party. 


  • Premium gas mask bong for sale at $79.95.
  • Made from durable Acrylic material.

7. Gas Mask Bong On eBay


Glow in the dark while you simultaneously medicate with your favorite weed. Pyramid’s glow in the dark gas mask comes with an acrylic water pipe that comes with an adjustable downstem and detachable bowl. This sleek design with detachable straps is a unique product that allows customers to get the most out of every hit. These bright neon green colors are great for raves or any night time event. 


  • Available on eBay for $39.99.
  • Easy to release smoke valve conveniently placed to the side of the gas mask.

6. BadassGlass Gas Mask Bong


This gas mask bong made our list because of its large area for water filtration, which will result in smoother smoke. It also has a deep metal bowl for packing your favorite cannabis strains. Cleaning is very easy because it’s detachable. The mask becomes a perfect seal without losing suction to allow you to smoke every bit of your weed. This silicon mask is designed with ventilation holes at the bottom, allowing a cannabis smoker to exhale without having to remove the mask. 


  • This gas mask bong retails online for $42.25.
  • Valve to release marijuana smoke placed to the right side of the mask.

5. Daily High Club Quarantine Gas Mask


The choice of a purple acrylic water pipe was a brilliant decision with a black gas mask, and looks outstanding together.  To fit the current necessity of carrying a mask everywhere, this detachable mask and acrylic 9 inch bong makes cleaning easy. One size fits all and comes with adjustable parts to help with customers find the right setting for a comfortable session.


  • Long neck acrylic bong  
  • $49.95

4. Headway Acrylic Gas Mask Bong


This is one of the only gas mask bongs that we found that has a removable bowl, and a really nice carb cap on the side. Headway’s Acrylic Gas Mask offers a tight fit to contain all the smoke in every hit. The mask comes with five straps that allow for maximum adjustment so that customers are comfortable while using the mask. With an 8 inch water pipe, the mask comes in a multitude of colors, including black, pink, and multicolor to fit the aesthetic of every customer. 


  • Super affordability at only $24.95 
  • Carb cap is conveniently listed to the side of the acrylic bong.
  • Has a smoke release valve.

3. Silicon Gas Mask on Amazon


One of the best selling gas mask bongs for sale on Amazon made it to third place on our list. In a fun, multicolor print, Hypeshops silicon mask comes in a multicolor print. The color that is sent is random and comes in the company’s signature “visually cool” mask design. As a one size product, the mask comes with an adjustable band that helps users to alter the fit to their comfort. Be Careful about the seller you go with because the reviews are mixed with some really good and bad reviews. 


  • $34.99 with free shipping

2. Focus Planet Bolt Red Gas Mask Bong


The website Focus planet has this Gas mask bong for sale, and we really liked the curved bong design, this will make it easier to toke up. Made of glass, plastic, and a somewhat rubbery texture on the mask itself, the product is high quality to ensure that it will last for many years to come and will definitely last through a number of smoke sessions. 


  • $35.72 USD
  • Curved bong design provides an easy to light up experience.
  • Also has the marijuana smoke release valve to the side of the mask.

1. WorldofBongs.co: Dia de Los Muertos Mask Bong


Our number one gas mask bong is one that is both effective and comes with a great design. World of Bongs’ gas mask bong is adjustable to fit any size and allows for easy clean up with detachable pieces. With adjustable straps that attach directly to the mask, this product can be adjusted to fit the needs of every user. Each mask comes in an assortment of bright colors to fit the product’s Day of the Dead theme, giving users a unique and exciting experience with this new product. The metal bowl weed is durable and sturdy for many smoking sessions.


  • Curved bong design for an easy to light up smoking session.
  • Only $39.99

Are Gas Mask Pipes Worth It?

That depends on the reason behind why you’re buying a mask that allows you to smoke weed directly to the face. We recommend a gas mask bong for having fun and for attracting attention from fellow stoners at 420 events. Since these bongs are not made from glass, they are more practical for traveling with them too. Enjoy the experience of engulfing yourself with your favorite cannabis smoke with the best gas mask bongs on this list. If you’re asking if these are good for everyday use, they most definitely can be, but are not recommended as the primary choice of device to get high on cannabis. 

We suggest a regular bong for every day smoking sessions with cannabis. We also made a list of the best bongs for sale this year , and include all of the latest percolators. 

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to reflect the specific views of the publication.