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Top 10 Weed Hoodies for Sale in 2021

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There are so many weed sweaters for sale online, but which are the best? With a growing market for cannabis products comes the inevitable: cannabis merch. Many avid consumers cannot deny the appeal of showing your love of cannabis and the cannabis industry through apparel. Many companies have started to sell apparel and accessories in addition to their products. We decided to zoom in the best-selling weed hoodies available from the Stoner Merch.

While there are many stores that sell cannabis hoodies, the Stoner Merch offers a wide variety of products. Perfect for the stoner in your life or for anyone looking to add to their own collection, Stoner Merch has something for everyone, including a line of weed hoodies. From witty slogans, popular characters, and even prints that raise awareness about social issues, Stoner Merch will have a product for anyone. The available weed hoodies also come in different colors, allowing for even further customization. 

With so many options to customize a unique marijuana hoodie, Stoner Merch offers a large variety for customers to choose from. Below are some of the company’s most creative pieces that are sure to be a great addition to any wardrobe.

10. Wake Bake Game Repeat


Perfect for the gamer in anyone’s life, these weed sweaters are simple and comfortable. For the stoner who wants to show off their lifestyle of wake, bake, game, and repeat, this hoodie is sure to convey that message clearly. This subtle design is great for everyday wear as well without being too overwhelming. With a quality cotton-polyester blend, this hoodie also offers a soft and comfortable feeling. These high quality hoodies will be sure to last through the numerous smoke and gaming sessions for your favorite gamer/smoker.

9. Enjoy Cannabis


In an homage to the popular drink brand, this hoodie is a unique twist on a notable logo. For those who are looking for a classic design with a new message, this hoodie is perfect. Customers can even purchase their color of choice to either stick with the classic color scheme or make it entirely unique. This hoodie’s air jet yarn also prevents pilling to keep your apparel looking clean and fresh and prevents quick wear and tear that can come from other low quality clothing. Stoner Merch always ensures that they are providing high quality clothing and other accessories that will deliver both comfort and longevity.

8. Need Weed


For the stoner who wants to convey their need for weed, this hoodie is perfect. Through a clever, simple design, this hoodie helps to showcase what every stoner is really thinking. The simplistic design will not immediately turn heads but will be sure to catch the eye of your fellow 420-friendly folks. This soft hoodie that is made from a comfortable cotton-polyester blend is perfect for lounging, smoke sessions, or just everyday wear.

7. Smoking Unicorn


Perfect weed hoodie for women or guys who like pink, this sweater offers the ideal combination between your favorite mythical animals and favorite activities. A unicorn smoking a blunt is sure to be a unique piece that will definitely catch anyone’s eye. Each hoodie is also available in a variety of colors, including lighter colors, to add to the cute, whimsical theme and allow for more personalization. These pullovers are also perfect for the oversized hoodie trend that also provides a more comfortable feeling. This allows for a cute style that is able to go with any outfit or be a comfortable piece to lounge in.

6. World’s Dopest Mom


Every stoner mom needs quality stoner merch. For the mom that needs to remind those around her that she is the world’s dopest mom, this hoodie is perfect. This hoodie is also a surefire way to start conversation with other stoner moms. Enjoy this Adidas inspired design with a marijuana leaf. Truly a great weed hoodie option for a woman.  As loungewear or as an everyday essential, this hoodie is made of a cotton-polyester blend to deal with all the daily messes and activities. For moms who are constantly on the go, from going to work, going home, and everywhere in between, this hoodie is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. 

5. My Cough is From Smoking Weed Not the Coronavirus


Everyone knows about the immediate fear of hearing a bout of coughing in a public place during the age of the COVID-19 pandemic. For any stoner that has experienced the concerned side eye after a public coughing fit, this weed sweater is sure to keep people’s worries in check. A subtle nod to today’s current events as well as a love of cannabis products, this design will be sure to cause some laughs and definite understanding surrounding any stoner’s consistent cough. As a comfortable hoodie and also a memento of the pandemic that shook the modern world, this makes a fantastic gift for yourself or as a post-pandemic present.

4. Smiley Pullover


In a creative revamp of a classic design, this hoodie is perfect for those looking for a simple and subtle 420-influenced design. This timeless redesign is perfect for everyday wear due to its simplistic pattern that is still able to add personality to anyone’s wardrobe. This cotton-polyester hoodie provides a soft and comfortable feeling for any occasion yet still maintains a high level of quality. With a pop of color in the design and a number of neutral colors to choose from, this hoodie is a great way to show support for the cannabis industry.

3. Antidepressant Hoodie


With a creative sense of humor, this design appeals to those who use cannabis as a bit of a mood booster. Though in small and low doses, some studies suggest that THC can provide a slight antidepressant effect, in large doses, it can have the opposite effect. However, for those who are able to find this happy medium, this hoodie serves as a cute art design to commemorate some of the effects of cannabis. This unique hoodie is sure to cause some laughs and create conversation with other cannabis friendly folks. Each hoodie is made of a soft and durable material that is sure to last.

2. I’m Weed Rick


For the Rick & Morty fan in your life, this hoodie incorporates the infamous show with a love for cannabis. The comedic, and occasionally serious, sitcom has been popular amongst many for years, making it a natural show to incorporate into cannabis apparel. A play on the popular “I’m Pickle Rick” phrase from the show, this “I’m Weed Rick” hoodie is bound to get some laughs from fellow fans and stoners alike. With a variety of colors to choose from as well, these hoodies are sure to appeal to any stoner Rick & Morty fan that is looking to represent their two interests.

1. Green Lungs Pullover


Finally, the number one top hoodie from Stoner Merch is their green lungs pullover. In a creative design that subtly conveys a 420-friendly lifestyle, this hoodie is the perfect addition to any stoner’s collection. Many customer reviews have raved about this design, citing its subtle tribute to cannabis that is incredibly unique, and the comfortable feel of the hoodie. The cotton-polyester blend also provides a comfortable and soft feel, ensuring that it will be a new favorite piece in anyone’s closet. These hoodies are also in a unisex size, making them the perfect weed hoodies for men and women. 

Available merch for stoners is becoming fairly common. However, these designs can sometimes be overdone or copied from other companies. From popular shows, classic logo redesigns, and other cannabis-incorporated designs, Stoner Merch offers a unique line of products. These stylish designs also keep up with current trends to ensure that each piece is still able to be worn every day. Each marijuana hoodie also has multiple colors available, from quality neutrals to brighter pastels. These colors are able to be changed depending on customer preference to further personalize each product. Each hoodie allows for an individual to show their appreciation and support of the cannabis industry and for cannabis products. 

With their creative designs, they are sure to provide the opportunity for stoners to further share their love of a cannabis-friendly lifestyle. Each weed hoodie is made with a high quality cotton-polyester blend, making it perfect for everyday use or for the occasional smoke session. With air jet yarn, each hoodie has a smooth, low-pill surface that is sure to ensure that each hoodie will continue to last even through everyday use. Though these cannabis hoodies are high quality, the weed hoodies’ cheap prices on Stoner Merch can’t be beat. These comfortable pieces are stylish as well, allowing for them to be a welcome and versatile piece. 

These hoodies make for perfect gifts or as a great addition to anyone’s growing collection. Stoner Merch products have something for everyone, from the cool stoner mom to the gamer stoner. As an affordable, high quality hoodie, these make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one or can be a welcome addition to any closet. 

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