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Top 6 Joint Filter Tips For Weed In 2020

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Legalizing cannabis across many states and cities has led to the development of innovative joint filters. With the end of cannabis prohibition in many states and countries, we see the emergence of a new generation of marijuana users interested in intensifying their smoking experience. Today, there’s a range of joint filters available on the market for smokers to choose from, corn-husk, cotton, and glass, to name a few. Each of these weed filter tips will have their advantages and drawbacks, which we’ll cover in this article.

Best Types of Weed Filters And Brands 

If you’re a veteran smoker, then you probably remember creating filter tips from cardboard cutouts. Today, however, there are many types of joint filters available to ease the process of creating and rolling joint filters. The more popular ones remain to be the King Palm corn-husk joint filter tips as they not only result in a clean and cool smoke, but they also prevent resins from staining your fingertips and teeth. Other filter tips materials include glass, ceramic, and cotton. 

1. Flavored Organic Corn Husk Filter Tips


Of all the filters available to cannabis connoisseurs, the pre-rolled corn-husk is by-far the best on the market. But, why do smokers prefer these unique filter tips compared to most others? King Palm filter tips are efficient. You no longer will have to worry about losing your herbs during a smoke, as the corn-husk filter tip will contain your green goodies while ensuring a slow and even burn. The joint filter tips will also prevent resin from staining your lips, fingertips, and teeth. Most importantly, we must mention that the sturdy filtration system does not affect your herbs’ flavor profile and THC concentration: it simply enhances the effect. 

No doubt, one common problem smokers face is the harsh burning effect smoking has when inhaled. King Palm has solved this problem through its corn-husk filters. The dense structure of their filter tips cools down smoke with each inhale, so you can enjoy a smooth smoke without having to worry about burning your mouth and lungs. Just bite down on these flexible filter tips to experience a tighter and cool draw.  

Another feature unique to the King Palm corn-husk filters is their terpene-infused capsules. Unlike flavored rolling papers, which taste as terrible as they burn, King Palm has a range of flavored pre-rolled cones available for people looking to heighten their smoking experience. You can choose from a range of flavors like margarita, mango, and watermelon. These flavor-enriched filter tips will not affect your greens’ natural profile, so you can still experience a great hit.

2. Glass Filter Tip


If you’re tired of having a soggy joint at the end of your smoke, then glass filter tips are perfect for you. Glass filter tips are perhaps one of the more extravagant joint filter tips available on the market. While they are on the more pricey side, they do have many benefits to the consumer. Apart from being reusable, these joint filters result in a clean and condensed smoke. The unique design of glass filter tips eliminates ash and prevents resin from staining your fingers, lips, and teeth. In addition, you won’t have to worry about your herbs falling through as the glass joint filter tip will actively keep herbs contained. Now, we know you might be wondering if the product’s nature tends to overheat and burn your mouth. Surprisingly, it doesn’t. The glass tip does indeed heat up, but it never overheats; instead, it contains the joint itself, resulting in a slower burning pre-roll. 

While the benefits of using glass tips might seem like they’re a win, there are a few drawbacks to consider. As they are reusable, they will require regular cleaning to ensure any resins, ash, and herbs are cleared out. These filter tips do come in a range of authentic designs, but given its material, the filter tips can be on the more expensive side and are prone to breaking when dropped. Nevertheless, in the long-run, you’ll be able to enjoy clean and condensed smoke. 

3. Ceramic Joint Filter Tips 


New to the market are ceramic joint filter tips. They are quite similar to the glass filter tips we mentioned above; however, there are a few differences. Unlike glass, ceramic joint filter tips are a lot more durable. If you’ve ever owned a glass filter tip, then you’ll know how easily they shatter if dropped. Drop a ceramic filter tip, and you won’t see it break that easily. 

Both glass and ceramic joint filters are designed to contain heat within a joint. This will not only cool the smoke as you inhale it, but it also allows for slower and even burns. While both joint filter tips have this unique function, there are slight differences. Due to the porous nature of ceramic, the heat capacity will be higher than glass; thus, ceramic will maintain heat better than glass filter tips. This ability to keep heat contained will create a cooler smoke, thus enhancing your herbs’ overall flavor profile. 

4. Cotton Paper Filter Tips


Raw natural rolling papers are the creators of the iconic cotton paper filter tips. If you’re someone who has been rolling their joints for a while, then these cotton paper tips are about the up-your smoking experience. The use of cotton fibers in a filter tip has proven to have many benefits to a smoker. When folded correctly, the perforated ends allow smokers to create an “”W”” or “”M”” shape at the center of the filter tip. When you light your joint, the “”W”” or “”M”” shape created will act as a barrier preventing ash and herbs from entering your throat and lungs. 

Another bonus of the Raw Cotton filter tips is that they keep the heat and burning embers of your joint well away from your face, which allows you to have a more pleasant smoking experience.

5. Unbleached Paper Filter Tips


Smokers have long used paper joint filters because they are cheap and disposable. Companies such as Raw and Hornet sell some of the best-known paper filter tips on the market for users to enjoy. The main benefit of using paper filter tips boils down to their price. As they are made from plant fiber materials, they tend to be cheaper than alternatives such as ceramic, corn-husk, and glass filters. A well-processed filter tip should maintain its structural integrity when placed in the consumer’s mouth. That being said, they can get soggy and will break down the longer you smoke. When it comes to filtering out ash and resin, paper tips won’t be as great as the corn-husk joint filter tips, but they do get the job done. Finally, it is worth mentioning that these joint filters don’t necessarily protect your lips, mouth, and lungs from the harsh smoke inhaled. They aren’t like the corn-husk filters, which can cool smoke as it’s inhaled. 

6. Silicon Filter Tips


If you’re not ready for a more pricey commitment, then the silicon filter tip can suit your smoking needs. They are a lot cheaper than the filter tips we mentioned above, and they are reusable. Silicon filter tips are similar to the joint filter tips we mentioned above, in the sense that they can reduce the amount of ash and resin staining your fingertips and lips. However, unlike the corn-husk filter tips, the silicone will not cool smoke as it’s inhaled. Another drawback to these joint tips is that they will need to be cleaned out with a q-tip and alcohol after every use. 

The Best Rolling Paper Filter Tips for 2020

There are, indeed, many rolling paper filter tips available for cannabis enthusiasts to purchase. When purchasing joint filter tips, consider its capacity to cool smoke and its ability to filter out resin and pieces of flower. It’s important to understand the pros and cons of the best joint filter tips, as not all of them will be the best for weed. During our research on the best weed filter tips in 2020, we discovered charcoal filter tips had a lot of problems, while corn-husk filters like King Palm’s hold tried and true. 

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to reflect the specific views of the publication.


  1. those king palm where a embarrassment to anyone who rolls i smoked one and had to pull it out because i wasnt getting enough draw to keep it lit and the weed tasted extremely resiny however it tasted fine after i pulled it out mid smoke still lit and replace it with a single raw classic filter