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Top Ways to Consume Herb

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It’s a decision that many cannabis consumers have to make every day, and sometimes multiple times a day: how to consume the herb?

Much goes into the decision; how much time do you have? How many people are going to be in on the session? Is it okay to smoke where you are or would vaping or even an edible be more practical?

For example, let’s say you have a three-hour plane ride today and your flight leaves in two hours. You could smoke now and still have time to get to the airport, but do you want to drive like that? Will you smell like weed? What sort of things do you have at your disposal to mitigate the odor?

If you have an edible, this would probably be a good situation to use it for, especially if you have fear or anxiety about flying. You could time your consumption to kick in around the time the plane should be taking off and have an enjoyable trip.

But what if you are having people over for games and food on a Saturday night? Joints? Blunts? Maybe break out the big special occasion glass piece? A lot depends on the preferences of your guests. Maybe a combination of multiple ways would work best for the gathering?

If you’re by yourself and have time, a simpler way could be used. Many rely on a trusty glass pipe or a favorite bubbler for solo smoking sessions. There are so many ways to consume herb, from glass smoking pipes to elaborate joints (i.e. cross joints, etc.)

And as legalization laws spread, the ways to consume have become more plentiful. Technological advances have led to all kinds of different vaporizers while the variety of glass pieces would be impossible to quantify. Even cataloguing all the different flavors of blunt wraps would take an inordinate amount of time.

And in terms of glass, what was once an effort to provide practical smoking devices has evolved into a worldwide artistic endeavor where glass artists try to outdo each other in terms of scope and beauty. Instead of being used, many of these pieces are better suited to be admired as the art that they are. Some are so elaborate that I would need an instruction manual to tell me where to start.

In a community where buds once ruled, we have seen the rise in recent years of things like tinctures and other extracts, plus an explosion in the popularity and variety of edibles. This has created a general divide among consumers between old school and new school cannabis ingestion.

With new ways to consume cannabis comes new accessories – like these seen here – that make consumption easier and more enjoyable. And while things like stealth consumption options and odor concealers will be needed less and less as cannabis policies change, there will always be a market that caters to those who would rather other people not know their business, no matter how legal what they are doing is.

Choice is a consumer’s best friend. Competition puts pressure on companies to provide the best quality product at the lowest price. So the more ways there are to consume cannabis, the more ways businesses have to try to corner a part of the market.

In the end, there is no universal “best way” to consume your herb; that is a subjective decision that is facilitated by the growth of the legal cannabis market. As more choices become accessible – both in ways to consume herb and the apparatuses used to do so – more people will find the ways that work best for them and the situation they find themselves in.

Having said that, I’m sure most cannabis consumers would agree that the best way to consume herb is consuming while not having to worry about what law enforcement thinks of your activities.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to reflect the specific views of the publication.