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TPM Mouthpiece Press from Thompson Duke Industrial Increases Efficiency and Performance in Cannabis Oil Industry

Powerhouse mouthpiece machine is capable of automatically capping more than 250 press-on vaporizer device mouthpieces at once

Thompson Duke Industrial Press

Thompson Duke Industrial, the leader in cannabis oil vaporizer device filling and capping equipment, has introduced the TPM Mouthpiece Press (TPM). A powerful industrial mouthpiece press capable of automatically capping up to 252 press-on mouthpieces onto disposable 510 cartridges at one time, the TPM is the latest addition to Thompson Duke’s line of GMP-ready mouthpiece fastening machines. Designed and manufactured in the United States, the TPM was created to cap multiple press-on mouthpieces for tamper resistant press style cartridges and devices rapidly, reliably and consistently, increasing total efficiency and performance for cartridge filling operations. 

“The TPM design is flexible enough to be utilized in a wide variety of industries, but has been especially successful so far in the cannabis oil industry for industrial scale cartridge filling operations,” said Chris Gardella, Chief Technology Officer for Thompson Duke Industrial. “The technology we’ve developed over the past several years uses real-world requirements to precisely align and seal filled press-on cartridges with a variable press that gives the user control based on operation and manufacturer recommendations. Our ultimate goal is to create streamlined performance and process efficiencies for our clients, and the TPM is a great representation of this.” 

Benefits of the TPM Mouthpiece Press technology include:

  • Automatic, streamlined and safe operation: The ability to manage 1 to 30 tons of force with automatic two-button control is combined with advanced safety features including auto-locking safety door interlock, impact-resistant windows and casters with leveling feet.
  • Precision touchscreen control system: User-friendly touchscreen system provides automatic or manual control of the entire capping process with force-controlled operation. 
  • Regulatory compliance: The TPM is built according to ISO standards and CSA Code for Power Press Operation Z142010. Industrial-grade technology and continuing certification ensures the TPM will fit seamlessly into cartridge filling facility operations while meeting regulatory requirements. 

The TPM Mouthpiece Press accommodates Thompson Duke’s IZR or ACF1 filling machine operations and SOPs. TPM technology operating in collaboration with the IZR Automatic Filling Machine has resulted in massive improvements in efficiency and performance for Thompson Duke’s clients.

To learn more about TPM, visit: https://thompsondukeindustrial.com/tmp-mouthpiece-press/.