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Understanding Rapidly Advancing Cannabis Technologies


Cannabis technologies of all kinds have come a long way in even just a few short years. For one instance, we’ve talked about LED lights in the past. As previously mentioned, LED lights and induction lights are excellent for cloning and vegetative state, but not for flowering at this point. There was a time, though, that LED lights weren’t good to use at any stage of the cannabis growing process. Innovative tech companies will no doubt get LED lights to the point where they’re great for flowering; but as of right now, you’ll likely be hard pressed to find large scale facilities using an LED bank over their flowering plants.

Another heavy hitter in the cannabis industry these days has to be that of extractions. Perhaps the hottest cannabis topic right now, many cannabis growers and experts have been doing extractions for decades. These days, though, the technology is so far advanced, we’re able to isolate particular compounds of the plant that meet specific patient needs. Extractions can be customized to either take orally or to smoke and specifically designed to help treat whatever ails them.

When Marinol came out, it was being toted as a safer alternative to whole plant cannabis medicine. Patients quickly found that this was bogus, as Marinol just isolates THC and can’t give patients the effective relief that whole plant medicine does. With new technologies and new research constantly being done, extractions can almost rebuild the whole plant without just isolating one compound.

As with most evolutions, it’s been a bit of strange process. First, cannabis started getting better, thus producing better levels of THC on materials that would otherwise have been thrown away, such as trim. Not long after that, growers started breeding cannabis that produced higher levels of chemicals and learned how to isolate them. Once cannabis enthusiasts started moving beyond just making hash and into hash oils and various new extraction techniques, an entire niche cannabis market was born. Nowadays, few parts of the cannabis plant actually get thrown away.

Just like any other industry, cannabis technologies will continue to advance with each and every passing day. The Marijuana Times’ parent company, Med-X is on the forefront of companies developing new cannabis technologies of various kinds. Check them out here and consider becoming an investor if you’re so inclined!

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