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Strain Review: Alien Technology

An Out of This World Experience


Cannabis is such an interesting plant – it grows all over the world and breeders have created so many hybrid plants over the years that the number of strains available are likely infinite (or at least the potential for new strains is). However, sometimes there’s just nothing like the original, and Alien Technology is one of those strains that we call landrace strains – or a strain that is naturally occurring and these are not often the ones that get the most attention.

This strain came to the United States from Afghanistan in the pockets of a U.S. Soldier who had been overseas. The soldier gave the seeds to a breeder called OBSoul33t, who grew the indica in the states for the first time. However, it appears this strain is hard to come by – even Leafly was short on user reviews.

What You Should Expect

As an original Afghani indica, this strain really packs a punch and looks the part. The buds are generally a lighter green with dark orange and brown hairs throughout, layered with a blanket of crystals – however the buds do take on a somewhat sativa look with how fluffy they appear. The aroma of this strain is a spicy and earthy one, reminiscent of cedar wood, in a way, and the taste definitely reflects the scent, but with a sweet, almost vanilla aftertaste.

The effects are where you will notice the most indica properties of this strain as it is a quick hitter – one or two tokes is generally enough for even more experienced users. The effects are perfect for relaxing and slowing down in a moment of stress or anxiety as it leaves you feeling calm and euphoric and generally last for about two hours or more at a time.  

Medical Benefits 

As a medicine, this strain would be an excellent end of day choice for people with one of a multitude of ailments – however the most likely to benefit from Alien Technology is anxiety, chronic pain, muscle spasms and stress. The effects are long enough lasting and the strain is strong enough that you won’t need much to get you through the afternoon or evening – or even the entire day (unless you have a lot to do, in which case a hybrid or sativa might be more appropriate for the beginning half of the day).

Unfortunately for those who wish to home grow there was no information available about this strain – and I was unable to find much in the way of places that sell the seeds (that I was sure were credible, anyway), so this strain may remain a tough one to find for quite some time. If you do get ahold of some Alien Technology, I’d love to hear from you – one review I read said “I was high before I even exhaled” if that gives you any idea of what to expect with this strain.