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Volunteers in Denver Gave Weed to the Homeless for Christmas

homeless man sleeping on bench

We’ve come such a long way with marijuana reform that the plant is now being used as a way to bring awareness to the homeless. A group by the name of Cannabis Can launched their first big awareness event on Christmas Eve in Denver Colorado in 2015.

The group is dedicated to raising awareness about the situation that faces homeless people as well as raising money to help fund essentials for these people in need. This group is extremely unique in their way of raising awareness in the fact that they used marijuana to do so.

On Christmas Eve members of Cannabis Can gave the gift of cannabis to the homeless of Denver – as well as any other individuals they wanted to share their message with. The weed was grown at home legally and was pre-rolled into joints – in total 1,000 of them!

The catch? There really isn’t one here. The group simply offered a joint to everyone – who chose whether or not to take the gift or leave it for someone who would enjoy it more. Along with the joints they also passed out flyers with information about where and how to donate to the cause if people felt inclined to do so.

Cannabis Can has many big goals – but the one they are starting with is intended to be the most helpful thing they can do right now – providing accessible restrooms, showers and haircuts for the homeless.

With the donations that are raised by the organizations GoFundMe page they will be buying RVs that can be converted to allow mobile showering units as well as public restrooms that are open to anyone – as they said, “no purchase required”.

After talking to countless homeless individuals the group determined that the one thing people seemed to agree on was the need for a place to get cleaned up and get a haircut. Honestly – I am inclined to agree and see how difficult it would be to obtain employment without being able to get a nice haircut and properly get clean before putting in applications or showing up to an interview.

I’m absolutely in favor of what this group is working towards! Their main goal is to help a group of people who are often judged and looked down on – and they also want to prove a point: cannabis can help.

Chances are, that homeless person could likely benefit a lot from that joint – and they can’t afford it even now that it is legal. These people took the time to roll 1000 joints, spread that out among their organizations members one ounce each to comply with state laws and simply set out on a mission to help improve the world one joint at a time.