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W420 Announces Special Report Episode: Saving Lives by Boosting Immunity

Featured guest, CV Sciences, America’s favorite hemp and health company

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W420 Radio Network, the first virtual radio station dedicated to America’s cannabis industry conversation, is announcing a special report featuring CV Sciences on America’s Cannabis Conversation. This important episode will be airing this Saturday January 16th @ 4:20p.m. in your time zone. It will be available on W420radionetwork.com immediately following the show.

There is no debate that boosting immunity is one of the best ways to stay healthy in 2021. W420 Radio Network will be offering a special report highlighting: The role of supplements – as a key tool to empower you – to build the strongest immune system to fight challenges, and how important this relationship is between taking the right supplements and building the immuno-confidence you need in 2021.

Joseph Dowling, CEO of CV Sciences, explains: “We decided to give our employees immunity-boosting supplements for free. It is so important to take care of employees, firstly, for their health and indirectly to help companies survive. We hope all companies will take care of their employees every way possible.” CV Sciences has initiated research, published studies, and is the first company to achieve GRAS safety status for hemp derived CBD. Their mission – improving quality of life through nature and science.

The world has witnessed how the vaccine rollout is going, haphazard at best, it is imperative right now for everyone to take health matters into one’s own hands, as there is no guarantee when you will receive it, and time is of the essence. Proactively boosting immunity is the best way to take control of your health to help prevent catching the virus, and to be able to conquer immune challenges – supplements are a ‘no brainer’ investment in good health!

This episode is so important as the insights discussed can save lives. I am so glad we can offer this to our listeners,” expresses Dan Perkins, co-founder of W420 Radio Network and host of “America’s Cannabis Conversation.” To learn more about these supplements and how you can empower yourself go to empoweryourself.info.

This week’s guest lineup also includes the following esteemed doctors to offer their expertise:

– Dr. Joe Maroon, Neurosurgeon

– Dr. Michael Lewis, Physician

– Dr. Steven Schmitz, Physician and Board of Directors CV Sciences

– Joseph Dowling, CEO of CV Sciences

– Stuart Tomc, VP of Human Nutrition CV Sciences

W420 Radio Network is the brainchild of powerhouse entrepreneurs – Marc Corsi and Dan Perkins. W420 recognizes and brings to air: interesting, timely and important content with the benefit of high-profile experts to address every facet of the cannabis industry. Informing businesses and consumers alike with the most up-to-date cannabis news. We are here to educate, bring awareness on issues and create community.

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