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Wana Quick Fast-Acting Tincture uses innovative nano-liposomal emulsion technology to deliver faster, more bioavailable results

Wana Fast Acting

Wana Brands, North America’s largest cannabis-infused edibles producer, is launching an innovative new tincture that promises to be one of the fastest-ingestible cannabis products on the market. 

“Wana Quick Nano Technology Fast-Acting Tincture is administered under the tongue and has the same quick onset time and duration as smokable flower,” remarked Wana Brands’ CEO Nancy Whiteman. Unlike with traditional cannabis edibles, Wana Brands’ new fast-acting tincture bypasses the digestive system and enters the bloodstream in 5-15 minutes, producing a more-cerebral high and one that lasts from two to four hours. 

“Not only is our new Wana Quick Fast-Acting Tincture a discreet and more-affordable alternative to smoking cannabis flower,” Whiteman said, “but it also delivers a shorter duration of effect, too, unlike the six to eight hours often experienced with traditional edibles.”

The new tincture is made possible through Wana Brands’ partnership with Quicksilver Scientific, which developed the innovative nano-liposomal emulsion technology used in the tincture. Though many cannabis tinctures sold today claim to employ this kind of technology, most have particle sizes averaging 300 nanometers. But the average particle size in the new Wana Quick Nano Technology Fast-Acting Tincture is smaller than 30 nanometers, which allows the cannabinoid-containing oil droplets to be absorbed under the tongue and diffuse much more quickly into the bloodstream.

The smaller particles in Wana Quick Nano Technology Fast-Acting Tincture also makes the product more bioavailable, meaning more of its effective ingredients are absorbed by the human body instead of being degraded in the liver.

Wana Quick provides CBD/THC ratios in a 30ml tincture that can be micro-dosed in 0.25ml increments. Wana Quick Fast-Acting Tincture Peppermint is available in two ratios: CBD/THC 10:1 (100mg CBD/10mg THC per package) and CBD/THC 1:1 (100mg CBD/100mg THC per package). More flavors and ratios are being developed.

Wana Quick Tincture products are sugar-free, GMO-free, soy-free, diabetic-friendly, dairy-free and gluten-free. Like with all Wana Brands products, these new tinctures undergo rigorous internal and external testing to ensure precise dosage and consistency.